just wondering if anyone can offer some advice.

my af is due wednesday. i am 8dpo. igot really upset at work today because someone took some pens out my classroom without asking!!!!!

normally i would be ok about it, but today it tipped me over the edge. i do get pmt before af, but not normally this early.

is there a slim chance i could be pg? :\?


  • Hiya, sorry have no advice at all as I am pretty useless at all the technical blurb around conceiving but I wanted to let you know my fingers are crossed for you.

    Hope nobody tries to steal your pencil sharpener or there may be blood spilt!!!!

    Good luck hon and let us know!

  • hey cant offer any medical advice but can empathise. i treach art and people are always STEALINGmy resources it really pisses me off. i literallyhave to lock everything away. i was really pedantic the other day and start putting marks on the poster paint bottles to see if they had gone down on my day off. x
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