Hi ladies,
This might sound really strange but Ive got my 20week scan tomorrow at 11.30am, my OH is taking day off work to come with me and he is really excited, but I'm just not syked. I have no idea why im not looking 4ward to it its just not phasing me in the least. OH said its because we are not finding out the sex this time, but I feel really guilty every time my baby kicks or moves that im just not excited about it. I didnt feel like this in last pregnancy and im worried if these lack of feelings continue im not gona bond very well wen the baby is born. Any advise welcome, has anyone else felt like this? Kerry xxx


  • Just a quick thought- have you got anything else on your mind at the moment that is keeping you from enjoying the pregnancy and getting excited about the baby? Or maybe it just doesn't feel so exciting this time, not being your first?
    I really wouldn't worry too much about it, you might feel different when you see lo on the screen, but even if you don't I am sure that once you get to hold the baby for the first time you will wonder why you ever felt concerned. The more you worry now about whether your feelings are right, the more stressed you will get about it- try to relax and let the feelings come when they're ready (easier said than done I know).
    Also, just want to say that when I had my first scan (an early scan at 6 weeks) my husband was really chuffed at seeing a heartbeat, whereas I was pleased that everything was ok but really didn't feel an emotional connection. I have occasionally worried that I won't love the baby, I think this is something that lots of women have from time to time. I am sure you will be just fine!
  • Hi Kerry! Kinda know how you're feeling. I'm on second pregnancy also (i'm 38+3) and I felt like you in the earlier weeks. Not sure whether it was cos i felt guilty about 'replacing' first baby or just cos i'd done it all before. I also had a mc before this pregnancy, so it could have been because I didn't want to get to attached to the pregnancy until i knew everything was gonna be ok. Feeling very excited now though. In fact, I'm feeling a bit annoyed really, cos I had first baby at 37 weeks and didn't expect to get to 38 weeks this time round, so starting to feel overdue, even though I'm not! I'm sure you'll start to feel the bond soon. As soon as my son saw my bump developing he started to get really excited about his new baby brother that would be arriving soon, and that made me feel much more excited. Let us know how you get on at scan. Take care, Love rachel XXX
  • Thanks girls, I suppose i have got a lot of other things going on in my life at the minute, with uni, work and a toddler so i probably just have got time to enjoy this pregnancy as much. Like u said i will probably feel different tmoz wen I c baby on the screen. Just kinda upset that my pregnancy is passing by and im not really feeling anything towards been pregnant. Thanks again ladies will let u know how I get on 2moz. Kerry xxx

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