im seein the midwife tomorrow ill b 39+5 ive asked for membrane sweep she sed she gotta check with the doctor 1st b4 she can offer me it apparently she sed they only normally do them wen ur 7days overdue.im due thursday so i really hope the sweep works this time wen i had one 9 days overdue with my 1st i was 2cm dilated and it did'nt even work.do u think it likely to b the same outcome again.

abbie+bluebump 39+4


  • every pregnancy is different so hopefully it'll be a bit easier for you this time. hope all goes ok xxxx


  • Sweeps don't have a very high success rate unless you're overdue. It might help move things along though so if your midwife will do one then don't see why you shouldn't take it lol. Babies will come when they're ready so if your lo isn't ready yet then it might not work....but best of luck anyway!

    Also ur 2nd is more likely to be early/on time, so u never know!!xxx


  • Every pregnancy is different, however ur body has bin through it all before so perhaps there will be a better chance of it working this time. Like u i had a sweep with my first wen i was seven days over and it did absolutely nothing and i ended up been induced at 10days over. But im hoping this time round my body will know wats going on i hoping to go into labour naturally (if i dnt end up having an elective section). Gud luck hope alll goes well. Kerry xxx

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