Back and Hip's

Hi girls

I have said this before but my back and hips are killing me!!! I dont know what to do to ease the pain. Everytime I walk it catches at points and send a pain. It is really really sore.

I did talk to my MW about this but she said I am still very early on and that it's normally when you get a bot further along that she would send me to see somebody.

What can I do to ease the pain have tried warm baths which does help a bit?

K xx


  • hi babe, as you know I've been having probs and when I was 19/20 wks and asked mw, she said "oh baby's just sitting on your sciatic nerve, take paracetamol and have warm baths" . As I had hip probs when I was born and til I was 2, my mum said no way phone physio (at my surgery it's a self-referral) so I did. May be worth a chat with your GP to see if s/he can refer you.

    It's easy to feel you have to take mw's word for everything but they don't know it all. I've seen physio once and booked in again for next week, but so far she has said as a general rule of thumb try to keep moving. Hope you're having a relaxing wkend and that the thrush has settled down!! x
  • Thanks honey its really hurts image It has stopped me from walking twice today I am sat on the sofa at the mo. Had a few sharp pains right behind my pubic bone but it seems to have gone now thank god.

    I will have any bath I think and then see how it feels but your right I might have to have a word with GP.

    Thrush is still there honey hope it goes soon though,

    K xx
  • Hi K-Lou,

    I started getting back pain like yours ata bout 6 weeks and my MW said it was a bit early really for that! I'm now 23 weeks and today it is horrendous in my back, hips and legs!, At my 22 week check up the MW said she would refer me for physio but i'm still waiting, so definitely push for a referal now if you can.

    Hope it eases soon xx
  • omg really you poor thing. When I tell people how much back and hip pain I am in they give me a funny look as I am only 13+3 but it really bloody hurts.

    I did suffer with a sore lower back before but nothing like this, I have not had this sort of pain before. MW is on holiday still all of next week so will try and call her when she gets back. Thanks hun and I hope you feel better soon as well

    K xx
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