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Im now 33+4 weeks pregnant I had my 1st baby at 30 weeks so every day now is a bonus to me.

I was wondering if anyone is wearing sanitary towels or pantiliners during the day or in bed incase there waters go?

I have a feeling it wouldnt help much if my waters went gush but I have heard they can trickle.

I think I might be being too obsessed


  • i am actually thinkin of ptting some spare leggings and nickers in my car incase it happens while im out..... better 2 b prepared
  • Another silly question Im on a role today

    If you buy nursing tops nightware etc are they for once you dont have a bump anymore?

  • You can buy sheet things from boots to put in your bed I think. I might get one they are really cheap.
  • Oh no I hadn't even thought of that maybe I should do that just incase. What a fantastic idea.

    How far along are you?

  • Hi, pampers do disposable bed sheet things designed for potty training toddlers. I've got a couple of them that i'm going to put under fitted sheet then if they do break only the sheet will need a wash. They're really cheap and you can get them in supermarkets. I've a while to go yet though, 30+5

    h x
  • What another good idea its not easy getting matresses to dry. other half suggested I get a waterproof sheet but there so uncomfortable. I think I might get myself some and pop them under my sheets it cant do any harm

  • I used the disposable pampers sheet things, just stuck a few under the bed sheet - but it was pointless as i was induced both times and had my waters broken for me! My SIL had spare clothes in her car just in case lol.
    As for the nursing tops, yes they are, but obviously be aware that your bump won't disappear over night, so might be an idea to buy a couple of sizes up, your boobs will be bigger for a little while from the milk, and your tummy won't ping back (unless you are very lucky) and theres nothing worse than being in tight clothes when trying to breastfeed! xxxx
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