OMG! I'm addicted to cleaning!!

Hi ladies,

I hope you and bumps are keeping well.

As a few of you know i've been stuck at home since 16 weeks with a few complications but the past few weeks i have been able to get around more, not go out but at least not on bed rest.

Anyway, all day everyday I have this crazy urge to clean everything. I've never been like this before! Hubby has always done the cleaning etc, but i am really genuinely loving it!!

The past few nights i've been laying in bed and looking forward to waking up so I can clean the windows or something else just as random!!

Its so strange but I can't get enough! I might be because i've been stuck at home for so long and am actually that bored now, or is this my nesting instinct kicking in mega early?!

So if anyone has any cleaning tips for a cleaning newbie it would be much appreciated! Woohoo!!

Thank you,

Amy 28 + 6 Weeks xxxx


  • No tips but if your house gets too clean feel free to come and clean mine whenever the mood take you x x x
  • bugger, i see ive been beaten to it. I was also going to be kind enough to suggest that you can come and do mine! sarah 37+5 x
  • Hey, just thought that I would say I have been afflicted with the same bug! Over the past week or so I have had the arge to clean EVERYTHING! I think it's driving oh mad as everytime he puts something down, I either glare at him to move it or it ends up getting washed immediately. Again, I wouldn't say I was obsessively clean normally. Do you think it's the nesting instincts kicking in?!

    G.x (26+2)
  • I wasnt til I read this - thanks!!!!

    At least I can get up tomorrow to a shiny flat!!!!
  • I want to clean everything but just don't have the energy, i do the usual washing ironing, keeping house clean etc... but there is so much more i want to do but just can't coz i got to have a wee rest after doing something - hopefully now im on mat leave the nesting instict will kick in too, karen 35+5
  • Am only 12 wks so defo not nesting yet - think am getting am getting craving for smelling bleach! Petrol and that stuff they paint fences with are the other ones but would feel pretty stupid sitting round petrol stations this time of night!
  • I'm really bad at the moment. The only problem is my bad hips (due to a congenital condition made worse by pregnancy) don't allow me to do much but there are so many jobs floating round in my head totally irritating me!!! I think I moan at my OH a little too much because of it coz I want it all done!
  • Amy - if you're looking for more random things to clean how about your skirting boards. everyone thinks i'm a bit mad because i try and dust mine every week but really, there's nothing more satisfying than clean skirting boards.

    oh, btw, it's not a pg fetish - i'm obsessed about my skirting boards all the time!
  • i'm glad it not just me then!! am driving oh mad cos i have just finished emptying our 2 double wardrobes and 2 chest of drawers and scrubbed them and then put all the clothes back!! i think tomorrow i am going to deep clean all my floors.....I've never been one for obsessively cleaning like this - i keep a clean house but think it may be getting outta hand!!
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