need ur help!

i had a gender scan at 16 weeks and i want to know what sex u think the baby is! i know what they said but i'm not telling u yet! just want to see if u think the same or not eeek!


  • I would say it's a little boy! Probably....

    Tell tell tell!

  • I haven't a clue. I would say girl though, coz I don't think the boy bits drop til later and on our 20 week scan i saw 2 similar white ovals and she turned out to be a girl.
  • I would say girl as I think the ovarys develop earlier than testies, trust me by 20 weeks, if it's a boy, you'll know. the sonagraph person (name has escaped me) said girls look more like little burgers, if that makes sense, 2 buns and a bit of meat, LOL, not well described I know, but my words are on the run!
  • Im going to take a wild guess at a girly Sophie 34wks x

  • ok ok sorry well they r not sure!!!!!! but they think....... GIRL! but i have to see if they tell me at my 20 week scan ( 10th april) if they don't i can go back for a free scan and they will have another look! xx
  • hopefully will find out for sure in 3 weeks!! should see more then!
  • i think its a boy

  • i would say girl
  • That's great that they'll rescan for free because they weren't sure. We had our gender scan done privately because the NHS don't tell you the sex where I live (boo!). This was at 22 weeks which is the earliest they offer. Apparently it's most accurate between 22 and 32 weeks (about 97% according to the nice lady I spoke to) so they would offer a rescan if they couldn't see. It must be almost impossible to tell for certain at 16 weeks so it's very good of them to offer this.

    Hopefully you won't have to wait and you'll know for certain at the 20 week scan. I've always been told it's harder to tell if it's a girl (at 22 weeks there was no disputing that we're having a boy!) so I think you're having a girl. But I'm no expert!

    Don't go buying lots of pink stuff yet! Just a little bit longer to wait...
  • thanks! there is a good site babycentre and has all different boards to post on i think it is american. anyway there is a ultrascan one and there is a sonographer host on it and u just put in ur pics and she will tel u what she thinks. if she cannot see the image clear enough she will tell u its not a good image for gender or if the cord in the way but she seems to think mine is a girl! and was a a little surprised they weren't more positive as its a convincing image! but i guess they can't be can they i know my friend had a 20 week one then had to have a private gender one after to confirm it as they weren't sure. anyway i don't mind what it is i guess i'll just have to wait although my oh is now convinced it is def a girl ( he thought it from the start) then a psychic told him a baby girl was going to be born very soon! so now he def thinks it is!! haha he is calling baby pea millie already! i had to hold him back on buying cute girl outfits! i know u can take them back but i only have 3 weeks so might aswell save his money then buy them all after!! i'll tell u in 3 weeks anyway! xx
  • ooer - I can't even see the legs, so not much help sorry!! This is my 4th child, so you'd think I'd be a bit better at looking at these scans but I'm rubbish!

    Whatever lo is, congratulations and let's hope your oh has a boys name in mind as well just in case!!! LOL

  • Hi hun, I think it looks like a little girl. I got a similar pic in between my lil mans legs on facebook and it definately looks different. Take a peek see if that helps xxx
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