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inverted nipples???

Hi girls

Just been reading some of the breast feeding posts - and i would like to breast feed - but this is my first pregnancy and i have inverted nipples.

I have been worried about it for ages - and when i shared my concerns with the midwife she said "the baby will suck them out" but i have my doubts about this - i had read somewhere that inverted nipples were caused by skin being attached beneath them - so not sure if they will be able to 'pop out' that easily.

I would really appreciate any advice from anyone who has the same problem??? I haven't told anyone apart from the midwife and would like to find out how possible breast feeding might be.

Any help would be great!



  • My mum had this problem and with her first baby the midwives tried to stimulate the breast and then they used a breast pump on her. It didnt work for my mum but I know in some cases that women with inverted nipples can breast feed but to be honest I have never heard of the baby being able to 'suck them out'. Perhaps it could be a could idea now that you could try stimulating the breast yourself to see if that helps xxx
  • Hi

    I have flat nipples which i know isnt the same but i havent had any problems.

    I was told that flat and inverted dont cause a problem providing your shown how to latch baby on correctly, the baby really needs to open mouth wide so whole of nipple goes into mouth and their lips are only on the brown skin around it.

    I found if i used a breast pump just before feeding my right boob nipple would come out a bit but if anything my left went in. the only time i found baby struggled was when my boobs were full in which case i expressed a bit off and then he was fine


  • hi Gnomie gatecrashing here, but maybe able to help. just wondered, do your nipples come out at all when you're cold, or aroused? if they do, then they shoudl be fine. if not though, you can get an implement called a "nipplette" i know avent make one (may have to search online fr it) its like a little cup thing that you use for a few weeks before lo born and it encourages you rnipples to come out. i'm sure its worth a try!
    my nipples used to be flat b4 i had dd1, and i had to kind of pull them a bit before a feed, then they never went flat again after that so bf dd2 was no prob.
    hope that helps x
    ps my dh calls me gnomie!!!
  • I've also heard of nipplette which you can use just before feed or even try nipple shields with the fake nipple, I would think if they come out like millies mum says then you shouldn't have a problem ESP as babe sucks really hard, but if it doesn't please don't feel bad, at least you'd tried...... Have you tried asking in bf forum you may find people with experience of this
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