Hospital Visiting

Hi all

Looking for some advice my dad has been taken into hospital

My question is is it safe to visit him or would it be better not to



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  • As spedshaw said you should be fine honey. Just ring and make sure there's no infection doing the rounds. Our hospital recently had a stomach bug going round and they advised people not to visit if at all possible. But I'm sure everything will be fine. I'm sure your dad would love to see you. I hope he recovers very soon. Big hugs xxxx

  • It depends why ur dad has been taken into hospital and what kind of ward he is on. If there are likely to be infectious people then i would advise to stay away, im a support worker and the lady who i support has been in hospital since boxing day. Iv not been able to visit her at all because she has infections that they cnt diagnose and the ward she is on has had three confirmed cases of MRSA. However this is an extreme example just be careful and use the hand gels and stuff. Hope ur dad gets better soon. Kerry xxx

  • Thanks Ladies

    i was mainly concerned about picking something up, and as its taken me a lot to get to 33 weeks i didn't want to take an uneccessary risk if you know what i mean.

    Thanks again

    33 + 4
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