8 weeks and 1 day today :-)

Man I am just sooooo excited. Sickness has been really good I have still got it but no where near as bad. My chest is very very sore though and full.

Getting lower back pain and pain in my hips as well but it's all good it means little Beanio is doing well. I can't wait for our scan on the 4th I am soooo excited and scared to death at the same time.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

K xx


  • Time is flying by!! not to long to wait for your scan it is an amazing experience!!x
    carly 23+3
  • Once oyu've had your scan, the time will fly by, especially as you start preparing everything for the baby!!
    Hope all goes well on the 4th, will be waiting to see your update (The 4th is my birthday so I'm sure it will be a great day!!!)
  • hi hun, i'm counting down the day like you... we have a scan on 28th dec when i will be 9 week.... half excited and half petrified image

    Hope you had a nice christmas... mine wa a mixture of joy and sick! My MS returned on xmas day of all days, and while i have just had nausea up until then, yeterday was full on vomitting, felt awful all day and could only eat the smallest amount of xmas dinner at 8pm at night image

    on the bright side though, OH proposed! i have a beautiful platimum diamond ring, it's on the wrong finger at the moment because it i a bit big, but we are gettig it resized asap and it i gorgeous!

    so xmas was saved after all

    hope you had a great one hun and that you are feeling good with your pregnancy today xxx
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