• truth b known Becs they look identical! look at the end shape and colour and they are the same i think image sorry if you don't agree but thats how it looks to me image
  • yep!! they look the same to me too - i thought i was just having yet another dumb moment!! xx
  • well the price lol and the type of wood i think so it said i think lol and 1 is a cot bed use until 9 years 1 is just a cot
  • Look the same to me too first one looks nicer cos they have it all together in a room but all the items do look the same.

  • They look the same to me aswell! I didn't even know Tesco sold nursery furniture and pushchairs, I'm going to get looking myself now, thanks bec x
  • lol they have quite a bit quite cheap too
  • well bec - ive had a look at both the beds and i can see the price difference - now you said - thank you image the first one does look nicer for some reason (not sure if it is just like madnbella says - that its all in the room together??) it is about ??100 more expensive but then this is the cotbed isn't it? so you would get many more years out of it, so i would be tempted to get that one, especially if you are getting the whole set cos im presuming you wern't intending on changing it anytime soon after the baby is born?
    that moses basket is gorgeous - the whole i love my bear range is!! xx
  • love the moses basket io'm obsessed with bear good as my bump is called lil bear image wants one!!!!!! lol i brought a second hand one for a pound just need to replace matress image so far spent about ??33 but am fully kitted out nearly woohoo
  • Wow those are nice and cheap into the bargain. I hadn't even thought of tesco, but will deffo have a look now image

    Thats the moses basket i want too bex - love it!
  • well i get 10% off any thin i get from tesco as i work there lol! so not too bad really image
  • Thats even better! image
  • lol plus my dads payin too
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