Should i be feeling so bloated & achy?


Only got my bfp a couple of days ago so about 4 weeks pregnant. The thing is i'm feelin sooooo bloated! Also my back and belly are a bit achy. Is this normal?

I'm tryin not to get too excited yet as its so early.



  • yes its definately normal, I am on my 3rd but 5th pregnancy as i had 2 miscarriages too. I definately feel very achy and bloated but this is normal you feel achy due to muscles stretching to prepare for baby. I too am finding it hard to get excited I had a scan last week due to previous problems and sac is in right place but still too soon for heartbeat as only 5 weeks so got to go back on 28th.

    Good luck xx
  • Its strange cos i feel like i do jus before an af. Keep expecting to get it each day! I hope everything goes ok for you to. Best of wishes and good luck x x
  • I know it feels like your gonna come on i am constantly in the toilet checking i think i am a woman posessed, lol
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