6 wks early

Hi everyone, 24th of feb at 17.00 my waters broke 6 wks early and on 25th feb at 16.45 i had my baby boy jack weighting 5lbs what a shock but a lovely one only got home yesterday after jack being in neonatal baby unit since he was born he has been a little fighter he now weights 5.5lbs and is doing really well had a bit of a restless night last night. thanks for all the advise and support i have had off everyone and hope you all have a good pregnancy and enjoy your lo
loads of love tori and jack xx


  • Congrats on the birth of Jack mate!

    Am glad to hear you are both home and doing well! Pics????

    Love Lee
  • Congratulations Tori. We on the April board knew you'd had your lo but we hadn't heard much news so it is good to know you are both OK. I remember you thought you'd go early as you were measuring well ahead, he must've run out of space! Jack is a lovely name - great ur back home now so you can start being a family xxx
  • glad all is well with both you and baby jack, bet that was a shock for you wasnt it, 6 weeks early.
    i was shoked when my first came 2 weeks early, so must have been a shock your waters braking,
    congratulations hun, take care


  • Hi Tori
    Congratulations!! And a massive welcome to Jack xx
    6 weeks early is definately a surprise
    Take care
    Sarah xx
  • congratulation hun enjoy him welcome to the world Jack Sophie 33+1 xx


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