sex during pregnancy?

Does anyone have any advice about sex during pregnancy, my boyfriend is lovely and has got used to it now but i feel like im letting him down by not having any. Its not the fact i dont want it i do, just not really wanting the physical side to it. Im not bothered about hurting the baby because i no that there are safe ways to have it with out hurting the baby. Any advice would be lovely thanks x


  • although i cant give any advice i can sympathis with you im just over 15weeks and having same problem i allso feel im letting my partner down not doing the deed maybe hopefuly its just our hormones and things get better x
  • yeah i guess it is, thanks at least i no im not the only one
  • I've bd'd twice now and tbh it was just i've ound it just a bit drier then normal (soz if tmi)
    We just take it nice n easy.
    xx xx
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