feeling poorly!

Just feeling a bit sorry for myself really so thought i'd have a moan. Since yesterday I have a really sore swollen throat, i ache all over, have a headache and can't stop shivering on top of that i can't stop heaving. Trying to avoid taking paracetamol but feel soooo rough! im sat at my office desk with 2 coats on coz im sooo cold. Just wana snuggle up in bed! x


  • I'd take some paracetamol & take yourself off to bed, sod work, bed best place for ya, its not good feeling that like I been there, sleep the best medicine !

    get well soon x
  • Just say to your boss its friday - its cracker jack! and get yourself home to bed. Best place to be
  • well my boss walked into the office took one look at me and said 'i think you need to go home' so im snuggled up in bed, been asleep for the past 2 1/2 hours.xx
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