loose feeling ???

i keep getting a weird feeling in my vagina as though its loose its hard to explain and whether im explaining it corectly im unsure but im trying lol. :lol: its happened several times i asked my mum what she thought and she said have you checked down there to see if your dilated ( maybe open is more the word i was looking for than loose) :\? and i did and its completely normally size im really baffled to what it could be does anyone know ?? if so let kme know thnak you:\)


  • Hi hun!

    I dont really know what to say to your post, its maybe something you should see your doc, midwife about!

    Its hard to understand your problem to be honest, wish i could help more. Nice you can speak to your mum about that though, dont know what my mum would say to me saying my 'vagina feels loose'!

    Take Care
    Sharon x

  • hi hun...just an idea but maybe you should work on those pelvic floors youv'e been told about, as that may help to make things 'tighter' down below other than that i dont know what to suggest.

    take care xxx
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