Update on my labour.....

Hey Girls

Prob not what you expected to read....

But im still in early labour :cry:

Wasn't feeling great all day yesterday, just generally unwell and by night time i was in a bit of pain. Started timing contractions and they were approx every 6 mins. Me and hubby went to bed to watch a film and they were coming alot stronger so we timed them during the film, they gave me really bad back ache, constant period cramps and i was really uncomfy. During film they were every 4-5mins without fail and were feeling stronger so hubby told me phone triage and see what they say. The midwife tols me to come in, so we got ready and headed up. In the car they started coming every 3-4mins and i couldnt get comfy and i had my face screwed up all the way there.
We got taken really quick and put on monitor and i had 15 contractions within about 1/2 hour. Baby's heartbeat was totally fine and she was kicking about like mad.
I then had an internal....
Im still only 1cm dilated!!!! :x :x

I was soooo sure that i would be more dilated by now considering i was told on Tue i was 1cm :cry:

She did say that it was definately my show i had 2 days ago and although i have been a bit 'wet' at times all week, my waters haven't broken yet, so i am back home again and been told to have baths, take paracetamol etc and just to come back when i feel worse, grrrr :x

So i have now decided that i am not going back in until i am screaming in pain :lol:

Why me?? Ive looked at notes and it does say i am 'in labour' so i guess i can say that i am, but just not established enough yet to be admitted. :\(

Sharon x




  • Oh hun - you must be getting so fed up. Here's hoping your little lady makes an appearance soon.
  • Oh Sharon,

    I was hoping no news was good news today!
    Perhaps you need to look at this diferently, think of it as your last few days as just a couple, make hubby take you out for dinner and sleep loads in preparation! Its sods law if you plan a few things for the coming few days she will decide its time anyway!

    Take care hun
    Naomi xx
  • Am sorry it's going so slow for you...but you can't stay in early labour forever. So think of it as you're def going to meet your baby very soon! Plan things to do and keep busy and then the time will go quicker. I'm having to follow that advice at the mo as i'm several days over...feel like i've preg a lifetime! Well I reckon it'll happen very soon for you. Good luck and keep us updated! :\)

  • so sorry it is going so slow for you. i hope your little one makes an appearance some time soon! take care and keep us posted when you can.
  • Aw sharon,
    I s'pose at least things are moving in the right direction, just a shame things arnt happening a little quicker!
    X x
  • Maybe if you could go for a walk or even just around the house and move the little lady down!! Also although its probably the last thing on your mind right now sex with oh will probably get things going for you.
    Not long now though!!
  • Well we had a 'romantic' night last night, candles etc, was really nice, then wee while later was when the contractions were getting stronger, so maybe the sex thing will work!! :lol:

    Will keep trying...image

    And went shopping yday and walked about for a few hours, so think all yday's activities did do something, so im gona keep as active as i can all week.

    One thing i forgot to say is that she isn't back to back anymore so thats a good thing!! image

    Sharon xx

  • Oh im sorry things are not moving for you! you must be really fed up! I hope things speed up soon keep us posted ive been keeping an eye out for updates from you xx
  • oooh i think she is going to be a little monkey this wee girl of ures sharon lol .........i think even though u are only in early labour still u are probably going to give birth before me and im due one day before :x:lol:..........xxxx
  • Maybe TMI!!! BUT...

    Just had 2 massive shows!! Thought i had had my show last week over the space of a few days, but this was defo a show!!

    Im quite chuffed with myself tbh!! :lol:

    Fingers crossed im moving forward ;\)

    x x x
  • Woohoo! Good luck, Sharon!

  • Awww, bless you - hope your princess makes an appearance soon!

    The show is a good sign - fingers crossed that'll get things moving a bit quicker!

    I'm thinking of you

  • Yay hope so hun!! x
  • Yeey,
    Who cares if its tmi.lol!
    Its fantastic news image
    Hurry up little missy x x x
  • Yay!!
    Don't worry about the tmi - once you've been pg/had a baby nothing is tmi!!!!! lol
    Fingers crossed she'll be here soon!

    thinking of you xxx
  • Thanks Girls!! image

    Im feeling much more positive today about this long labour! I feel as if something is actually happening now :\)

    Can i ask... How long after you all had your show did you go into labour, i mean proper labour, not just this scabby half attempted labour im having just now?? LMAO :lol:

    I am sure i had my show last week, but compared to what i seen today, it was hardly anything hehe.
    I made hubby look to prove it and he looked as if he was gona be sick lol.

    It was still clear, but really jelly like an LOADS!! There's a little eachtime i wipe after a pee now, not as much tho.

    Sharon xx

  • ah fab news hunny, have only just logged on and can see your getting there- slowly. Ah sure things will speed up now. i had a show as soon as my contractions started - about 24 hours before my lo was born. But sorry to dissapoint i know u can have show about 2wks before!! but mayb thats what u had last wk, and now ur body is defo ready to have this baby!!
    32wks today

    am gonna keep logging on now to see updates
  • Aww hun, hope your little girl makes her appearance for you soon!!!! :\)

    Suzi 33+5 xxx
  • Just Thought I Would Say.

    Good Luck. Hope Everything Moves Along Faster =]

  • I was just about to say that you're not logged in so maybe she's finally put in an appearance and then I saw your username! How are things today? x
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