baby hiccups

hi all, hope every1 is as well as can be.

just wondering if anyone as experianced or knows if babies pre birth get hiccups, im getting a feeling between 1-7 times a day where it feels like the baby has hiccups. im currently 37 +4wks with my third child and dont recall this feeling with either of my other 2 children.

any knowledge on this and advice would be great



  • my second baby used to get hiccups every evening but cant remember when this started. i am now 29+4 and think this baby has started to get hiccups to as she seems to have times of rythmic jerking movements x
  • Hi,

    My baby gets the hiccups quite often, mw says it a good sign as it shows they are using their lungs. The only strange part is now shes started to engage i get the hiccups in my lady bits and its a very strange feeling lol. xxx
  • My dd had them whilst I was preg, and this lo has them too. Every day, more than once. If the movement is steady and repeated its bound to be that. DD also had them everyday for the first few months. Mw said it was the sign of a healthy baby x
  • hi im emma and im new to this site, my baby has them about twice a day sometimes more im 28+6 days.
  • yep, definately my dd had them alot, including when i was having contractions - absoloute agony, i'm sure she was determined to make it painful for me!!
  • omg dont get me started on bloody hiccups!
    this baby spends at least half hour at a time hiccuping at least 4 times a day!! :x very irritating!!
    im actually a bit concerned if thats a bit strange its that often!! drives me mad!!
    dont really like complaining about my unborn baby girl but this is one thing i can do without as NOTHING seems to stop it lol :roll:
    ur not alone haha x x

  • when i was preg with JJ he ALWAYS had hiccups and now he's here he's still the same :lol:
  • lol, I'm glad you said you find them annoying tinkerbell, its nice to know its not just me.

    mrsjbourne I'm not sure how old your lo is, but dd had them every day for months. I remember worrying she'd get picked on at school if they carried on. Eventually they stopped though
  • Hi, my first son seemed to get hiccups most days in the third trimester, and had them quite often after he was born. None during the contractions though, thank goodness! He's 19 months and seems to have grown out of them now though. I'm 29+1 with my second son, and he hasn't had them at all yet though- I guess they're all different xx
  • mrsjbourne I'm not sure how old your lo is, but dd had them every day for months. I remember worrying she'd get picked on at school if they carried on. Eventually they stopped though

    he was 6 weeks yesterday image i heard it also means they are thriving, dunno if thats an old wives tale though lol x
  • Hi girls

    My little boy used to get hiccups loads when I was preggers with him, and after he was born he was always a very hiccuppy baby. It didn't last though. He is three now and doesn't seem to get them very often at all now.
    And baby number two seems to get hiccups even more than ds did. I reckon she is going to be just as hiccuppy as her brother when she finally decides to come out! Any day now hopefully!!!

  • This is my first and I've been feeling hiccups at least twice daily since about 28 weeks. My baby has just started to engage so I also feel them mostly in my lady bits :lol: They're very strong and distinctive - like a pulse, but strong enough to be seen from the outside. The baby seems to get them after s/he's been moving around lots.

    When I had a scan at around 22 weeks the baby had hiccups then - they were so strong the bean's whole body jerked! The sonographer just laughed and said "your baby's got hiccups."

  • My baby gets them an awful lot too apparently its if they are taking large amounts of amniotic fluid in when they are breathing etc. mine tends to get them in the evening/ night time more than day time?Iquite like the feeling but when its v.low down as you are saying in your lady bits then it is v.v.strange feeling indeed!:lol:
  • hello,im 32 weeks and one day and my baby gets hiccups alot,though it does tend to vary day to day,i asked the midwife and she said its a sign of a healthy baby as there practiceing to breath so there breathing in the amniotic fluid,and practiceing to swallow,they obviously take to much in and get hiccups,mine goes crazy when it has hiccups,i find rubbing my belly calms him/her down a little.
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