bra measuring - where's best to go?

Hi, since being pregnant my boobs have grown SO much. Have gone up two bra sizes already and it's costing me a fortune, so want to get properly measured before I spend any more money on bras! The thing is, I'm normally a 30DD or 32D - now bursting out of a 32E so want to go somewhere that sells small back sizes with big cups lol! Can anyone recommend anywhere good?


  • I always go to Bravissimo so I would always recommend them if they have a shop near you. I also find John Lewis have quite a good selection of large cup sizes in nice styles xx
  • m&s, debenhams etc all have bra measuring services that are good, but mothercare specialise in bras for pregnant or nursing mothers so they wld probably be the best bet to find out what size u need and then u can shop around for that size

  • Thanks girls. Mothercare don't seem to stock the size I imagine I will need now, though, so I'm worried they will just 'round me up' to a size they do stock. Can they do that or would they measure you and send you somewhere else to buy, does anyone know?
  • I'm a busty girl anyway, god only knows what they'll be like if/when I get my BFP!

    I always use Bravissimo. They are really good. I too have had awful experiences with M&S. House of Fraser are generally ok too. xx
  • That's useful to know - will avoid M&S then. Don't trust them much anyway as they once measured me as a B cup when I was a D! Will see if there is a Bravissimo near me. x
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