Hi everyone

I'm sure this subject has been covered before (apols), I have tried searching for it but can't find it. Basically I normally have my hair highlighted (bleach and tint) and last had it done in October, just before I conceived. It now needs doing again desperately, my dark roots look awful! Do you think it's safe to have it done? I have the foil method so none of the tint will touch my skin, apart from the few minutes it takes to wash it off. What do you think? I asked my midwife and she couldn't tell me if it was safe or not! Has anyone else had their hair highlighted whilst they're pregnant?


Serena xxxx



  • hi i had my hair highlighted 4 wks ago. asked the hairdresser was it ok and she said it was and that she has coloured alot of pregnant womans hair.

    so go for it, it makes you feel better and i think anything that does at the moment is a blessing.

  • yeah i have mine done too - have with both my pregnancies, haidresser said its fine, makes me feel so much better cos at the moment i look & feel a wreck !!
  • Oh that's very good news, thanks Becs! It most certainly does make you feel better and I can't wait to get it done! Thanks xxxx
  • A second 'go for it'! Thanks coxley, that's very reassuring! I too look and feel a mess at the moment and I think a little 'brightening' will help a lot! xxxx
  • Hi. I have mine done and did read up bit first to check it was ok. I think the main advice is to not have a full bleach or colour just incase the dye is absorbed into your skin and then the placenta. Highlights is fine as like you said very little will get onto your scalp.
  • I'm having my hair highlighted at 5.30pm this afternoon and I cannot wait!! Thanks everyone xxxx
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