So embarrassing, sorry!

This is so embarrasing i cant believe im writting it but im just abit worried and dont have anyone at home i can get advice off other than you's on here. This morning i was being sick in the toilet, really violently sick. I only had my dressing gown on as not long had a shower! And whilst i was bent over the toilet being sick i peed a very little bit, im so ashamed to say that but im just worried there is something wrong "Down there" Help please!

M xx


  • i can't imagine there is anything wrong flower, and don't be embarrassed things like these happen to the best of us. Best thing you can do is stick to your pelvic floor exercises as these will help strengthen the pelvic floor and help to avoid little accidents, especially after giving birth. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, in the meantime why not try speaking to your doctor or midwife, they've dealt with worse things than this so don't worry xXx
  • dont worry!! when i had really bad morning sickness i did that all the time!! its just the fact that ur body is straining to get ur sick out and it doesnt help that everytime ur stomach muscles tense, it pushes your abbay into ur bladder and that can make this happen!! u should only maybe concerned if it happens and u dont know it, but even then, its just the unknown joys of being pregnant!!

    hope this helps,

    grace and bump 21 weeks + 1
  • Thank you so much, feel better after reading your replys. Was really worried something was wrong as im only 11 weeks and didnt expect it! Thank you girls! xx
  • Thank you so much, feel better after reading your replys. Was really worried something was wrong as im only 11 weeks and didnt expect it! Thank you girls! xx
  • Yeah that happened to me too when I was being sick. I was sick nearly every day and it happened a few times. Then again it wasn't as bad as the time I coughed whilst being sick and it all came out of my nose - pleasant! x
  • It happens to us all. My besy friend had 3 kids before I had 1st. She has since had 4th and I am onto number 2. She said, and I quote, you do not know what dignity is until you are kneeling over the loo, throwing your guts up, with tears running down your face and wee running down your leg.....

    Crude I know, but next it hapens to you I'm sure you'll remember and maybe have a smile.
  • its called stress incontinence hun it happens when all muscles are under stress. if you sneeze too hard or too much it can happen and if you cough to hard and often it can happen then too
  • I am 29 weeks tomorrow and the last few weeks i have found that i need to use tena lady and am rather embarrassed to buy them I assume they were for older ladies and i am only 31. I find that i dribble a bit everytime i cough sneeze or be sick even if i have only just been to the toilet. I found my self paronoid that i smell too, But my friend says I don't and I think i believe her. Hope she wouldn't lie to me. though.

    good luck
  • this happens to me nearly everytime im sick even at 35+5 weeks its so annoying especially if you have just vaccated the bloody shower. ha ha! just another thing us ladies have to deal with!! xxxx
  • im the same emma/george i use carefree the scented ones although im assured i dont smell im still paranoid and its nice to know its there just incase i sneeze, cough or have a giggle fit!!! lol
  • Thanx mandcc, ill deffinately remember that! xx
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