2nd attempt at 22 week scan.....

well actually i will be 23+6. baby wasn't playing ball last time and had his/her legs crossed so they couldn't see a lot of stuff and we didn't find out if were having a boy or girl so fingers crossed we will find out tomorrow wish me luck girlys................


  • ah, good luck hun! I hope you get everything you need from this one. I have to have a scan on fri as they couldnt get everything they needed either on my 18 week scan.
    what are you hoping for? or are you not bothered?
  • hope you don't get teh trainee again i'd throttle her if i was to see her lol having urges to throttle ppl at mo hahaha. i reckon your having a boy lol i'm just guessing coz i thought i'd be fun that way if your having a girl you can nur nur me hahaha can't wiat for the 1st lol i get to find mine out too hahaha. can't wait for juse coz i'll be a lil more comfy and painfree lol (i hope)
  • fingers crossed for no bloody trainees again!!!!!!!! i think its a girl kirk (oh) thinks its a boy so whatever happens we will be happy trying not to get hopes up incase it all goes pear shaped again tho
  • lol can understand that! its funny i won't admit to OH but i although i'm not bothered on sex as long as its healthy i'd like a girl (have doll syndrome) he wants a boy so he can get scaletrix lol but i'm not telling him what we're having when i find out if i manage too dad and i are keeping it stum between us lol our lil secret! so excited i wants to know the sex of your baby now hahaha think coz i'm hoping it'll quell my want on knowing our (it wont it'll make me more excited lol) ok i'm off home for the night see ya 2mora have good ones lol
  • yeah deffo looking forward to it i have a feeling baby is fine because s/he cant seem to stop kicking me so we r just hoping to find out if its a boy or girl
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