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After what happened at my 20 week scan, my hubby has now said he thinks we should have one of those 4d scans, yippee! I'm so pleased because I originaly wanted one but he was dead against it, he said its a waste of money and you'll see what the baby looks like when its born but he's changed his mind now and said we can have one! we've found one near to us, its in windsor and we spoke to the people there this afternoon and they've said its best to wait until I'm 26 weeks, which is fine. I was just wondering, is it really worth it? Have any of you had them and found them either really worth the money or just a waste? Its costing us ??100, is that a good price? I so want one, but I just want to know if its worth while.


  • Hi
    I really wanted one but my hubby sounds just like yours. After a lot of nagging he has given in and we are having our 4D scan next Wednesday. I'm so excited! It's ??99 and we looked at a few near us and this one seemed quite good. I am going to be 29 weeks when we go. I am really looking forward to seeing the baby and for me it's worth it already.
  • worth every penny!!!!!!!!!!

    i had mine at 27 weeks and it is an amazing experience. thats a good price you have got too, what do you get?

  • i agree with kell2, ours was amazin, its was the best day, my bf says it was the most amazin day of his life xxx had mine on 26 weeks exactly, see pic in avator xx
    We paid ??160 deffo worth it xx
    tracey 31+5
  • We paid ??150 for ours and sadly it was not worth it lo was breech and I have an anterior high placenta so his head was buried in it therefore making it impossible to see him lol, luckily we do get to go back for free in the hope baby has turned and we can get some good pics, if we don't I know I will wish we had spent the money on something else.

    Luckily I think I am the only person with a bad story about my 4d scan and everyone else was dead chuffed with theirs so I would say go for it image

  • They are amazing. Ours didn't actually work out very well, tried 5 times but baby wouldn't play any time!! I think it wants exclusive photo rights when born. Friends of ours showed me their 4d scan pics last night and they are fantastic, well recommended.

    Just read CazA's post and I've got anterior placenta too, so maybe that makes it difficult to see baby?

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  • Gill010608 - was your bubby head down? and are you anterior and high or low?

  • i am having one i want it at 27 weeks i am 21 weeks now when should i book it?? do they get booked up quick?? or shall i leave it til 2 weeks before?? should i use someone like baby bond?? xx
  • Baby was head down, I'm anterior and placenta is high. We had a nightmare, head and feet in face a few times, then head tucked behind my hip bone, then turned over and curled in a ball - just completely camera shy I think x
  • aww bless! at my 20 week scan the one thing I saw was the baby covering its face with its hands, so think it might be a bit photo shy! In my notes, it says my placenta is anterior, what does that mean and will it affect my scan? I'm 21 weeks and we're booking it in a couple of weeks.
  • hiya, yes would say ??100 is a good price we had a special offer at ??95 for dvd cdrom and 7 pics. I had one a few years ago with DS2 at 26 weeks and he didn't have enough fat on him to see his features as clearly but we did enjoy it. Had another one last night and am 29weeks - bit more fat on her face this time. She was in the wrong position though and took ages to see her face as she had her hands in front as sucking them but it was worth it! We got one done again as this will be our last child and want to show them it when they're older. Go for it....

    chelle x
  • I have anterior placenta (although I think it has moved) and it didnt affect the scan at all (bubs head down). The sonographer had to scan me lying on my side though because he was facing sidewards lol. But we got some brilliant pictures including one of him smiling - a real smile, it was fantastic. He was beautiful and had a little button nose!

    I had it at 26+4 and it was sooo clear. Does anyone know how I can put a picture up to demonstrate? xxx

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