protien in wee

have just got back from the doctors and they did a routine test on a wee sample. but they found protien in it and have sent it off for analysis. im really worried it could be something like preeclampsia but my blood pressure was fine. does any1 know if you can start developing preeclampsia without getting the high blood pressure straight away? has any1 else had protien traces? it could just be nothing but the doctor had no idea what it was, and she seemed quite reluctant to explain stuff. i only flippin went to the doctors because i got sinusitis!!!

thanks girls!

love gracie and bump 37 weeks xxx


  • Hi - I had protein in my urine at my last check up 3 weeks ago. My midwife did not even mention it! I just read it in my notes. My BP was normal. I do know someone who had normal BP and protein in the urine and went on to have pre-eclampsia but although the story has a happy ending, it is a scary one so I won't say anything. You're probably fine, just watch out for the symptoms such as head aches and blurry vision. xxxx

  • hi. sometimes protein in your wee can indicate an infection. especially as there are only traces of protein. whe you get pluses of protein then it usually indicates a problem. try not to worry. when the results come back they will let you know about it if anything is wrong. usually pre eclampsia will start with blood pressure going higher and other symptoms will progress with it, i have had pre eclampsia in 3 of my pregnancies and was closly monitored. like i say try not to worry too much. take care.xxxx
  • hi hun,i had a urine test done today n protein was found.It was sent of for tests n i was told could have a water infection.My bp was normal too so i'll just av w8 n c wot happens,good luck x
  • I had protein in my sample at my booking in appointment and I got a bit stressed about it. Turned out to be nothing at all- results came back showing 'of doubtful significance' and the next test was clear. So I really wouldn't worry about it, wait till the results come back and then take it from there.
    Hope it all turns out ok!
  • Hi hun, i had my baby at the end of last year and on visiting my midwife she use to do a urine test, on one ocassion it had traces of protien. This was however down to being unwell and feeling run down. On my next visit all was fine. Try not to worry its probably nothing, you may just be a bit run down with your sinusitis.
    Caz x x
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