Another ttc infiltrator with a question??

Ok here is my problem.... AF is currently doing her spring cleaning but I'm still feeling nauseaus and I have a mettalic taste in my mouth both of which are pg symptoms. my friends daughter is convinced that I am and she's quite intuitive but like I said af is visiting so I'm thinking no way :?
Did anyone else have or have you heard of anything similar??
Oh and sorry to sneak in all uninvited like.x


  • Tarotwitch,

    I read that especially in the early months you can still get your af but is usually alot lighter than normal. Of course not ever having had a bfp i cant really comment personally.

  • Thanks hun. I did kind of know that but you know what it's like. You always try to stop yourself thinking too much into anything then do the exact opposite.:lol:x
  • Tell me about it ! My AF is two weeks late and i'm trying to stop myself from convincing myself that i'm pg as have had 5 bfn's but just cant seem to help it ! I'm sure i'm not for many reasons, most likely the lack of symptons. No sore boobies, no copious amounts of cm, no sickness/nausea just very tired and dizzy but was just diagnosed with labrynthitus. Think I may just be having an annoying body this month who is determined to put me through the mill !
  • i had bleeding with my first and still felt sick and had funny taste in my mouth. Can the hospital do a blood test which is extremely accurate.
  • I had bleeding with my first and with my second, as above hospital blood test most acurate or try to poas, good luck hope you have a bfp soon xxxx
  • The hospital won't just do a blood test coz someone thinks they may be pregnant. They normally tell you to wait till you have missed 2 periods then if you haven't come on the doc will do one more than likely.
  • hi there just wanted to let u know i had my periods for the first two months of my preg and didnt get a BFP until i was four months. i only knew after 3 months coz went doc complaining of taste, gaining weight,sickness etc.

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  • hi,

    just wanted to add, i have been feeling soooo queasy this past week, sore (.)(.), lower back pain and funny metal taste in mouth. i tested dpo12 and got a bfn and AF made an appearance later that afternoon, i am now having a full flow af and due in for follicle monitoring this next cycle so will see what's going on....

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