Can't wait to start buying at long last!!!

I know I have left it a lot later than most of you, and it's through no choice of my own believe me!! We have been struggling a bit with money the past few months, but in a few days my oh gets a nice bonus and all is going to my account so I can get our baby bits!! I literally have nothing so far, just a few outfits I got when we found out we are having another girl. Was getting a bit worried thinking nothing will be ready on time but I am gonna go out and spend spend spend yay!!! You would think that havind a girl already (she is 4 in July) I would have most things but I have nothing really from when Kyah was a baby except babygrows and vests.

Anyway, just wanted to share my exitement, I hope everyone is doing well and not too hot and bothered!!! Anyone got any great bargains or really impressed with any baby bits they have bought?? Would love some advice on what to get etc.

Faith. 29+1 xxxxxxx

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  • ooooohhhh go on and enjoy yourself lovey!! its so much fun to do the buying!!
    primark is fab for clothes and things, as are asda and tesco!
    try too, they have some good bargains!!
  • Hiya Faith, hope you had a good birthday yesterday! We have most of the things that we need - I hope! Have a look at the Eithel Austin website and see if there is a store near you as they are closing down soon and have some fab bargains! Most stuff has 75% off! Also my mam got me lots of bits in the asda sale, growbas for ??2, primark also has some really nice outfits for a couple of pounds. Great as they are not in them very long! Enjoy your spending trip!!! Tammi xxx
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  • Hi Faith
    happy birthday for yesterday.
    So nice to go out and spend, I admire you for your long wait. Also great that you know you are having a girl so you can buy stuff you know you will use.

    I haven't been shopping for a while I must admit, huibby put a hold on me going 'window shopping' coz I inevitably came back with lots of stuff we didn't need. I'd ditto what Tammi and Lis have said, also pumpkin patch have such cute stuff and they have a sale on also at the moment.

    Em x
  • I think we didn't really start buying stuff until your stage either - mainly because I couldn't decide on anything! I wasn't sure what to buy, what we needed, what size of baby clothes to get, which brands to choose... Baby brain stopped me from being able to make decisions of any kind!

    We finally took the plunge and stocked up on quite a lot and now people have started buying us things as presents and we have too much! We only got a few newborn things because I've heard these don't last long so we got more in the 0-3 month sizes. Now we have had a bunch more 0-3 month stuff and more newborn too! I'm thinking of returning some things and getting the same items in 3-6 months!

    Enjoy your shopping!

    Sonia x
  • Thanks girls!
    I'm even more excited now, it's been such a long wait!!!
    Thankyou for the birthday wishes too, had a lovely day at the pub with my family and ate sooo much! Shame I couldn't have a drink though hehe! Yeah another thing to look forward too is my pressie from oh, seeing as he doesn't get paid till wednesday I had to wait lol.

    I remember being bought loads of newborn stuff last time too, so will prob get mostly 0-3 and 3-6.
    Already been online and written a list of loads of things I want to get and where from etc, so just need the money now, bring it on!!! lol

  • Hi hun enjoy spending! I cant wait to do it. We're going to an NCT sale on june 28th so I have to wait until then.
  • Hi Faith did you check out Eithal Austins website? I went to my local one today and got almost ??80 worth of clothes for under a tenner! Bargain or what! xxx
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