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  • Hey Sarah, when are you off? I am sure that it will be good to use the time to think about your future! Hope it goes to plan!
    Tammi xxx
    26 weeks
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  • Hiya,
    I'm also goin home 4 two weeks, i leave next week am really lookin forward to it!
    In ur hand luggage, no sharp objects (tweezers, scissors etc), no liquids in bottled over 50ml or 100ml can't quite remember last time they were even funny bout me takin my lip balm! ne liquids u do have need to be in a seperate small clear bag (like a food bag) and b taken out of ur main bag and scanned seperately. Can't think of nethin else, but if in doubt i jst put it in my bag to go in the hold.

    Also mite b a good idea to check with ur airline their terms and conditions for flyin when pregnant cos at 28 weeks i would need a docs note, but they're all different

    Hope that helps, i mite b wrong the rules seem to change all the time!xxx
  • oh sweetie i didnt realise you had split up again, are you ok?? i think it will do you the world of good to get away on your own give you a chance to think things through x
  • i just wanted to say thanks to lizzy first ive had a look at the T&C's for my flight etc and have myself a bit of knowledge now.

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  • Hi again Sarah, I am a travel agent and the best advice I can give you is to look at your airport website and all the up to date rules for hand luggage will be there. With liquids its nothing over 100mls and that means it needs to be in a 100ml bottle or smaller. But don't worry as once you are throughsecurity you can buy liquids and carry them on board. Tammi xxx

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