Advice needed and i know this is the place to come !

Hi everyone hope you are all ok and bumps xx

Basically i need a little bit of advice.

Im 28+5 and for the past 3/4 days ive noticed the baby isnt kicking as much. He does kick but not as often and im not really too sure what to do. Ive told my midwife about it but i have no faith in her whatsoever. In fact, she scares me with how dopey she is. I dont know whether i should be panicking or whether to stop worrying! i have a doppler machine and his heart rate is fine and he does kick SOMETIMES, just not as much.

What would you do ?

Also. im rhesus negative and thought i was meant to have had an injection by now, do you know what i dont even think my midwife knows what blood group i am !!



  • Hi Melissa it is normal for movements to slow down at thie stage. I am 28+6 and lil man has slowed down an awful lot as they are running out of space. I suffere from excess fluid so my uterus has already stretched to 34 weeks and my movements are no like flutters again due to the amount of fluid but still feel his thumps when he is lying closer to the front.

    You should be feeling at least 10 movements a day. If you are concerned it would be worth giving your midwive a call and they dont mind getting you in just to listen to baby for a little while.

    Hope this helps xx

  • As long as you still feel at least 10 movements a day, try not to worry, as for your MW why not try calling your MW office and see if you can see someone else or try your GP. Sorry not too sure what to suggest.
    Remember though your baby is getting bigger and has less room to move around, but you should still feel at least 10 movements a day.
    Katie, mum to Erin 9 months, and 23+5 with blue bump. X
  • Thank you for your advice,

    do you know anything about the injections for rhesus negative?

  • Sorry, i dont know anything about being rhesus negative, maybe you could google it, or write another post..?
  • ur suppose to get one at 28 and 34 weeks i am same as u and my mw has booked me to see her at 28 weeks. i dont think it has to be on these exact times but around them. whens ur next mw app?? i would ring her and mention it to her xx
  • call you r midwife office or ante-natel clinic. some areas give jabs at 28 and 32 and after baby is born, others give one jad during pregnancy and one after. check out google, I'm negative and have learnt alot from typing in 'rhesus negative blood'

    good luck


  • Hi Hun, I had the same thing at about 30 weeks and went to the hospital to be monitored and all was fine, to be honest since then I have noticed that the movements have changed and are more like pushes than kicks. But if you are having less than 10 a day or you are still worried then contact either your mw or hospital and get monitored, as I am sure they will more than happy to reassure you. Tammi xxx
    33.5 wks
  • Hi,

    I'm Rh neg too and didn't have any injections during either of my pregnancies just after the births as both babies are Rh pos. Some areas give the Anti D during pregnancy and some don't. They'll check your bloods which I think is round about 28 wks and if any antibodies are found you'll need the jab but if not you should be fine.

  • Thank you ladies for your response. Im going to go home and have my tea and after ( he used to kick loads after ) if he doesnt kick im going to go and get monitored.

    Thank you allxx knew this was the best place to ask hehe xx
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