chlamydia & infertility - urgent advice- sick with worry

We have only just started ttc but before i even start i have a nagging feeling im infertile. So much so i havent slept a wink last night worrying about it.
Here is the story - When iwas at uni i caught chlamydia i didn't know i had it unil a smear test showed it up - i think around 9 months after contracting it. The worry i have is i think i developed PID as i had pain during sex and pain while peeing. I don't know for definite but im worried sick, im actually feeling sick as i type, i have tears rolling down my face.
I never actually had PID diagnosed only the chlamydia which was treated. Does this mean my tubes are blocked? I really would just love some advice on this. Im witing by the phone to call the dr to try and mak an appointment asap as its making me sick with worry that i may have ruined my chances of having a family.
Has anyone else had chlamydia and got pregnant? or pid and got pregnant?


  • Hi honey, please dont be upset. I had Chlamydia, I found out when i was 19 but think i must have caught it long before then. Like you i also had pain during sex, and was hospitalised many times with unexplained abdo pain over the years i had it and didnt know about it. Once i found out i had it iwas told that i could have fertility problems, especially as i'd had it for so long without treatment, but my first baby was conceived on the pill a matter of months after i was treated, and i'm now expecting baby number 3!
    I know its different for everyone, but i went through all the same emotions as you, thinking i would never have children of my own. If you are concerned, please go and speak to your doctor, as they may be able to send you for tests to see if you do have PID, and also to see if your tubes and everything look healthy.
    Sending you lots of big hugs xx
  • hi hun, i had chlymidia for an unknown number of years, as my ex cheated on me and passed it on to me but i didnt find out till we split up. we had been together for 10 years. i got treated. an im now 8 wks pg. i had a mc in july this year also which i was worried was due to the infection. but all seems ok now as im 8 wks pg.
  • hello sweetie, i had chlamydia and PID about 7 years ago, i had pain during sex and bleed afterwards which was when i was tested.i was in long term relationship who to cut a long story short he was clearly cheating on me! i was worried sick too and was told when we split up that untill i start trying for kids one day they wont investigate it,if i had trouble ttc they can do scans to check tube health. thankfully i feel pregnant in 2 wks of trying with my husband 6 years later! so it goes to show .... i was lucky as i was with that dickhead for 2 years and so god knows how long i was affected,it made me so angry that he could of cost me a baby! but looking at these replies babe i would say be positive and i wish you well.

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  • Just back from the dr, she said that she thinks its unlikely to have affected my fertility and although there is still a chance its minimal and if it is the case then we can do many things to resolve it. She said that many women have chlamydia and have perfectly normal pregnancies, which you have all backed up. Im feeling much more positive. i think my emotions are off the scale right now anyway as ive got my period, only got married 11 days ago and havent seen husband in 8 of those as he went straight back to work - he is home next week for some baby making. yippee, thank you ladies.
  • good luck.
  • stay positive dont stress and enjoy being married and making the most of any baby dancing going on. good luck, hope to see you on here soon with a BFP x
  • I'm glad the Dr was able to reassure you- lot's of ladies have things which 'can' affect fertility but don't in most cases. I hope you have plenty of baby making fun and don't get too stressed or it will make you mad!
  • I had chlamydia from being young and stupid, the guy who gave it to me told me as soon as he found out and i got it cleared up thank god. But it hasn't affected me, I was also worried that it would have caused eptopic cause i read that that is a common cause for eptopic pregnancys but was just one of them worries that everyone goes through at early pregnancy.
    Pleased your dr was posotive. I hope you can conceive soon and come join us all!!

  • Has anyone had pid with persistent stomache pain and gone on to have babies? I have been diagnosed with pid and though most of the time it's a dull ache it is always there. I already have one child but desperately want another. I have read several stories about treatment for the disease not working and I was wondering if there's any success stories out there?
  • Hi, I have never had chlamydia, but i did have a tubal pregnancy for no obvious reason.  Obviously it was devestating, but i have subsquently gone on to have my little boy and am pregnant again.  I need did fertility treatment first time (clomid) but that was nothing to do with my tubes.  Also a good freind of mine only has 1 tube and concieved naturally.  Another has terrible PID and she concieved within a few months too..

    I know its easier said than done but try not to worry, things tend to work out fine, and even if you have some difficulty they is so much that can be done, i bet you  dont find it a problem.  good luck

  • tank u all for ur encouragement. i have had recurrent pid and my tubes are still open, i want to believe i still have a chance .

  • Hiya everyone, reading all your comments has put my mind at rest a little bit but I am so worried, I cought chlamydia off my ex we was on and off for a few months after I got treated for it I was put off sleeping with people for a while and I am so scared that I am infertile, I am now with a new partner and we that've been trying for a baby for the past 3 months but so far nothing image as each day goes by i get More and more convinced that I cant have my own little family. I have got a dr appointment tomorrow to talk about it buI im scared that they wilcast I'm infertile. 

    p.s. I'm happy for you all that have had the horrible std and have come through the other side with a baby of your own image 

  • hey everyone like the women at the top of the page i had chlamydia but dont know for how boyfriend and i got treated for it last year in feb but im worried that i had chlamydia for way to long and i wont be able to get pregnant. my boyfriend and i have been trying to get pregnant for a while now with no luck..i also dont get my period every month so this also increases my worry.i wonder if the doctor checked me for pid or not im slowly losing hope i dont know what to do someone please help....

  • hi, ive read loads of comments and am happy for people who have conceived. im really worried that i cant have children as when i was really young i had to have an abortion and ive had chlamidia im really worried that i cant have children because of stupied things in my pastimage me and my partner have been trying to conceive for almost a year, were not sure if i might of had a miscarrage awhile back. but now im not sure if i can have children or not carry them im really scared now and would like some advice.i think god is punishing me for my mistakes image


  • Anyone know, after getting the chlamydia, how long before pid developed?? Thanks
  • Just found out I have chlamydia whilst I was pregnant didn't find out until just under 3 months after he was born. Now scared I cant have any more children. My partners ex gave him it as she cheated on him:/

    I hope this isn't a punishment he's a little miracle and it will hurt me to not have any more

    please help I'm worrying image
  • Sounds like a lot of people are just as worried as each other! I've been searching for ages trying to find sources that show having chalmydia doesn't mean you're infertile!


    I caught it from my bf when I was 18, I think it got treated in around 4 months... I know this is a short time compared to some people, but in those 4 months I was sent to hospital for pain and bleeding; I bled for 3 months, my lower abdomen swelled up and I was in a lot of pain constantly.

    I'm worried that even though it was only there for a short amount of time, the symptoms may mean that it did its worst in that time  - Does anyone have experience of this?


    Also, in response to some one above: if what I had for those 3 months was PID, I think it was around 2 weeks it took to come on.

  • it was a nice day when i know i have chlamydia early, so i can get treatment for it and that is good for me and my baby in the womb.

  • Hi all, glad to hear some positive post PID stories.

    I was diagnosed with chlamydia yesterday. Think I have had it for up to 6 years. I got pregnant no bother with my first child just over 3 years ago but I suspect after giving birth it was able to spread North and affect my organs higher up and turn into PID. So I am just praying that it has not done too much damage in the last 2.5 years... although I have a cyst on my tube which can't be good. Only diagnosed after TTC for 9 months.

    Fingers crossed for you all... I feel like I have just been hit by a train!

    Always got tested after having sex with a new partner but unfortunately was led to believe if the female partner was tested that was sufficient... wish I had asked him to get tested too now! Back in the early days not so easy to ask though image

  • Hi, I had chlymidia for less than a year, but I have heard it can cause infertility. I have read a lot of these stories which have reassured me some, but I'm still a little worried. Anymore reassuring advice?!
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