Perineal massage

Is anyone massaging their perineal with olive oil? If so how are you getting on, when did you start and does anyone know if it works?


  • I want to know this too! xx
  • lol no i havent..whats the purpose of it?!
  • I am planning on trying this but haven't started yet, basically the idea is to stretch the perineum so that you are less likely to tear or need an episiotomy- anything that might help with this gets my vote, I am terrified of needing stitches!
    Found this information about how to do it:
  • Hey ladies

    I started at 36 weeks well started is the word, lets just say its not the easiest thing in the world to do, with a big bump!!!! Ive found it really difficult lol and always end up in a very un-flattering position!!! but if it all helps and works then its worth it
  • My hubbie has actually said he'll do it for me!
    Bless him.
    Very unattractive for him I can imagine but no worse than the things he'll see when I'm in labour I guess!
  • hi, i bet this is extremely difficult unless getting someone else to do it. ive heard putting an evening primrose oil capsule in your vaginal cavity helps soften the cervix with its natural prostgladins and the oil helps the perinium. obviously at bedtime and not while doing the weekly shop at asda. wouldnt reccomend to early in pg cos of the prosgladin thing. gotta be easier than trying to rub down there. anyone tried painting toenails yet lol. xxx
  • I had honestly never heard of this before! I'm quite keen to start because I really dont want to tear but I tore and had an episiostomy with my first so does that make me more likely to tear anyway?
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