Hi everyone hope you are all well.. I no every pregnancy is different but i just wanted to see when everyones sickness/nausea stopped.

Samantha 10+4


  • hiya conats on your pregnancy, i am just starting to feel it get better now i am 18+5 some ladies it ends earlier some later than me hope it doesnt last too long xx

    chloe 18+5
  • Mine didn't stop until 26wks image Didn't actually start until 16/17wks though. Just goes to show that everyone is different xxx

  • This will probably depress you, but mine started before I even knew I was pregnant at 4 1/2 weeks (that's why we did the test!) and I'm 20+5 today and still being sick every day.

    However, I have quite severe hyperemesis and I'm on strong drugs to keep it at bay, so I doubt you'll have it for that long!

  • I hope not! it really drains you! but reading other peoples comments i am quite lucky with the sickness i guess. just cant wait for it to go lol!! xx
  • hi mine started at about 5 weeks and its still here now at 14+3 although like chloe and mrsbuttons i have severe hyperemesis and am on strong tablets to help control it hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones where it dissapears at 12 weeks
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