am eating to much!!!! will i just look fat!

im only 6 wks pregnant,but as a result of always feeling sick i eat all the time! trouble is im a person who usully only eats when hungry,so im worried that i will end up putting on to much weight.
im a s ize 10-12 and i can feel my belly getting bigger! not pregnancy bigger! i am getting fat. i dont no what to do. i no i shouldnt care as im pregnant,but i just look like im getting fatter round the middle,exp when i put my tops on,its awful!

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  • dont worry!
    I was the same at the start, but just ate what I wanted. There is absolulty no point worrying about your weight I am now almost 36 weeks and put on about 4 stone!! But like you i am size 12 normally (maternity clothes are still size 12!) and it is all on my bump - and a little on the bum!! its just at the beginning it looks like its all fat but trust me give it a while you'll be blooming!!

    I go through stages cant eat much at min coz of heartburn and a stomach that feels like the size of a grape!

    Enjoy and eat what you want!!
    Laura xx

  • i keep thinking that when i get a babu bump,you wont really see it as i my belly will just look soft and like a fat belly instead of a solid bump.
  • I had my first mw appointment yesterday (I'm 10+2) & admitted to her that I'd been snacking quite a bit as I was always hungry. She said that baby will take a fair chunk of what you're eating, so to pretty much go with what your body is telling you. Only thing I would say is try to snack healthily, which is easier said than done I know, but when I've given in & had the odd chocolate bar or biscuit, I'm hungry again within a few minutes, so it's true what they say about "empty" snacks.

  • i have mainly been eating carbs! its the only thing thats not making me feel sick,but i really am worried i will start to just look fat,and when bump gets here the fat will hide it!
  • I have done exactly the same thing. Im now 10+3 and it's starting to ease off now but in the first month I couldnt stop eating. Had midwive app on Monday and ive put on 10lb!!! I was getting hungry every 3 hrs but making the mistake of eating proper meals every 3 hrs, which were full of carbs! My snacks are now healthy and I am hoping that as I grow I will not look as fat! xxx
  • I had to eat every 30 minutes without fail at the start of my pregnancy. I felt sick and like i hadnt eaten in years otherwise and would often get up in the middle of the night for a munch. Carbs were my fave too as the only thing that made me feel temporarily full

    I started this pregnancy at 8stone 5 (first appointment at 10 weeks) and went upto 9 stone 13 by 22 weeks. I stopped there and now at 28+3 im still 9 stone 13. Its all bump though and im still in size 8 maternity clothes.

    Was worried to begin with but im fine now. Midwife says unless you are obese to begin with you shouldnt worry at all and baby makes you want what baby needs

    My appetite has changed and somedays im barely hungry, others im a gannett and eat 24/7

    Try not to worry - you'l shift it when bub arrives xxx
  • im not worried about losing weight after baby born,i just ont want to put on excess weight before i even get a bump,as i dont want flab hiding my bump! or making me feel concious of showing my mgump off as its covered in flabby bits!
    its so annoying as im slim, and i eat when hungry,but since being pregnant-eating is the only thing stopping me feeling sick!
  • today i think all i have eaten is bread,toast,sandwhiches!
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