advice please!

Ok i am 40+4 today and i started with realy bad pains across the bottom of my stomache and into my back and my stomache gets tight around 9p.m last night. They carried on threw the nite every 10-15 mins. They started to settle around 5 a.m this morning and had nothing up untill 9 a.m. But it also feels like i need to empty my bowls when the pain 1st kicks in, i dont know if this is part of labour as i had c-section with my 1st baby.
The pain is now starting to shoot into the tops of my legs aswell. Are all these related to labour or could it be something else?? Any advice at all greatly appreciated x


  • Our ante-natal teacher said that the desire to empty your bowels regularly can happen in early labour. Not sure about your pains though but sounds like something is starting off, even if it is very slowly. Good luck!!
  • Oh how exciting, i hope something is starting as i cant wait much longer! i have a sweep booked for friday so if nothing before then i hope it works!
    Its all just so confusing to be and it does get annoying when all these things are happening and you dont know what to expect, my MW is completly rubbish!!!! thanx 4 advice xx
  • Babe I have no idea as I am not that far but just wanted to wish you the best of luckimage

    K xx
  • this is my first - so really I have no idea, but at the ante natal classes it said that labour can start like that.

    I think the advice we were given is to have a warm bath, take some paracetamol and start to time the contractions, when they get regular - phone your labour ward.

    How exciting! Your LO could be here soon,
    Good luck!
  • I have a feeling it going to last for days!!! LOL. I have just had a hot bath and it seemed to ease the pains for a while but there back now. They were regular last night but just seem to come and go at the moment! Oh i realy dont know whats going off but i hope something happens soon. xx
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