Don't let this be my life!

Hey ho it's Saturday night and I'm sat in watching crap tv!
Oh has been in the pub since half three on a stag night so god knows what state he will return home in.

And that brings me to my point. He has been fantastic during my pregnancy but I am sat here quietly raging that HE is still able to go out and enjoy himself while I am stuck indoors with a sore belly, no way of getting comfy and noone to entertain me!! I don't grudge him the night out and let's face it, I'm not much fun by about 9pm anyway but my hormones are stripping me of all sense - I don't want him to be out but I don't want him to be stuck in with boring pregnant old me sleeping on the sofa!
I don't even want to go out because you can never get a seat on a saturday night and getting to the ladies is like a hike up mount everest, and your friends aren't that funny when they are drunk and you are sober!!
Is this it? Has pregnancy stripped me of the fun gene?


  • Your not alone!! I'm completely fed up tonight too! We normally go out for tea on a Saturday but now I'm pregnant we can't, I have no appetite and when I do eat a meal I tend to be sick so am just snacking throughout the day... not worth spending ??40 for me to bring my half back up :\( :evil: I'm sat here eating dry brown toast

  • Hey MrsT, I managed a baked potato with cheese followed by 4 Rennies! Oh the high life!
    Mel x
  • When are you due Mummym? I'm due 10th Nov, so some time away yet!!!
  • I'm due 31 May 6 weeks to go but am just SO fed up of being pregnant. How have you been keeping so far?

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  • And to top it all off they have just had nookie in the cupboard on ER. ON ER - is that not meant to be blood, gore, doom and gloom, not nookie in the cupboard!
  • I've been quite sick and very tired so far (I'm 11 wks now) hoping it will pass soon!! Completely fed up tonight, everything is baby orientated :lol: feeling like I'm losing my mind :cry:

    What channel is ER on? I love ER and Greys Anatomy
  • my oh is about to watch king athur cos i'll be asleep in about an hour apparently!!! so i thought id prove him totally wrong and stay awake haha god im tired tho
  • I'm another bored and fed up mummy ! Sat night always like this for me as hubby works nights so I'm sat here half watching casualty and catching up on here eating a a BIG bag of revels ! prob go to bed soon as soooo bored !
    Take care x
    edd 4/July
  • MrsT I'm sure the sickness will pass, not so sure about the tiredness! Or maybe I just use that as an excuse to sleep all the time! I finish work on Tuesday and am looking forward to not being at work but a bit freaked out that I will feel this kind of restlessness all day everyday with noone to dissipate it as they will all be at work!
    Unfortunately ER is now finished so am contemplating putting Dirty Dancing on for some feel good no brainer tv.
  • Oh girls I'm glad I'm not alone!!
    Last meal out I went for was with the inlaws and we went to a mussel and steak place, mussels I can't eat, steak I don't like but fortunately there were two fish specials on the menu! So nice but limited! And no, not the same without some wine!!
  • ohhh i got married last month and have 6 bottles of champers in my kitchen cannot drink it very depressed now xxxx
  • Rennies rennies and more rennies - or my alternative, I've just eaten 3 fruit pastille ice lollies in a row and now have an ice cream headache!
  • Just had a post-dinner shot of gaviscon plus!!

    Don't know how you can swallow that stuff!! It has to be tablet form for me, it's gross to drink imageops:
  • my oh and his work mates do a lovely impression of me trying to drink gaviscon charming fellows, as i usually get thru my rennies and have to resort to the vile chalkyness that is gaviscon oh and dont try the tumms fruit tablets urghhh they were hideous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ur spot on thats exactly what the vile stuff smells and looks like. im trying my friends advice of frijj milkshakes apparently the milkshake is yummy and works better than rennies im so far thinking that its just an excuse to drink chocolate milk in bed lol haqd horrid experience last week fell asleep whilst sucking a rennie tablet when i woke up it was awfull! mouth full of chalk slime never again will i eat the damned things in bed
  • Poor you! I think yes maybe that is worse than being at home raging about oh being out enjoying himself!! Hope the shift goes in quickly.
  • hi all, everyone enjoying their saturday eve? me neither image
    for you poor ladies with the heartburn, morrisons do a 48 pack of fruit flavour tabs and arnt too bad.
    i havent had it really im still trying my hardest to manage solid food without bringing it back up (im 24+3!!!)
    i too have been bored out my head and am just fed up of the symptoms of pregnancy. i lost alot of money due to 2 months off work with bad sickness and it set us back a little bit so NO luxaries for me :'(
    i reeeealy need my hair doing as its got a mind of its own lately and is desperate for a few foils to brighten it up but got a few bills to shift 1st, trying to do some extra hours but due to sickness its hard. had to sorn my car as it needs a big EXPENSIVE job doing to it leaving me housebound arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
    sorry for long rant ive honestly had enough!! xxxxxxxxx
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