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Could I have gestational diabetes?

Hi all, Im getting myself all worried. I am overweight and 13 weeks pregnant, at my booking in appointment my MW told me that I wouldn't be tested for Gestational diabetes until 26 weeks. But the last week I've been so thirsty and going to the toilet up to 20 times a day! I also have been getting quite light headed and am now worrying that I may have GD! HELP!



  • Oh bless you Becky, so easy to worry.

    I was over 4 stone overweight before I got pregnant, I was told I had to have the GD test which I did, twice and offered a third! It was because bump was measuring big and seemed to be the obvious cause, gotta love the nhs lol

    I also have diabetes in my family. Thirst is a symptom (the peeing comes with all the drinking!) but I've also learnt, even only having been pregnant once, that there are a 100 symptoms not listed in the books. Thirst could be a pregnancy thing hun, I got light headed which was part of my morning sickness.

    Are you eating regularly? Do you eat a reasonable diet hun?

    Even if it is GD there is help, first call is diet controlled, and its something that goes when baby is born xxx
  • i had gd and injected 4 times a day - i didnt go after toby was born but i have gone form injections to metformin.

    If you are overweight you are at a more increased risk so i agree with mm - think about your diet now - low carbohydrate is the key - its not just the sugar that you can see when you chew a piece of bread it is turning into sugar - cut out sugary fruits - cutdown on bread and potatoes.

    The best diet seems to be high protein so low carb. If you are worried then ask to do the gtt early - hugs to you hun x x x
  • hi, just to say that i have GD and i didnt have any symptoms before i was diagnosed. If you are worried, ask for the test early but it might be worth going back and checking your notes. At 10 ish weeks i had a random glucose test done when they took blood and that was high so i was warned that i was in a higher risk category.
    At the moment, i'm trying to control my GD through diet, which means reducing carbs and of the carbs i eat, only having brown bread/basmati rice/wholemeal pasta etc. I avoid sugar and now check labels carefully for both carb and sugar levels. At the clinic i went to, the dietician made me aware of hidden sugars eg in fruit (i've been told to limit it to 2 portions a day and none if my sugar level is high and to make up my 5 a day through veggies instead). Other things to watch are breakfsst cereals eg i was told to choose shredded wheat or weetabix over cornflakes or rice crispies. Basically the aim is to try and eat low GI foods, eat regularly etc
    I am very new to this and i'm learning as i go, but please talk to your mw about it. Mine was very helpful and it helped me to know she'd been through it.
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