Ugly babies?

Hi ladies

I was at john lewis at the week end. And so many babies around the childcare department. As I was looking for a cot.

What is the matter withme. Why do all other babies seem funny looking to me. It's the worst thing ever. I would be so offended if someone were to tell me my or think my baby is ugly. I hope I dont think my baby is ugly. I know mymum had something like this when she gave birth to my brother. Was in denial and claimed it couldn't be her child!!!!!

Will this happen to me too?




  • I sometimes see ugly babies and wonder how their mums dont notice (im so cruel) but i think you will probably love it so much you wont notice. Where do you think the phrase 'a face only a mother could love' comes from ha ha
  • Im sure you will love your baby whatever it looks like!

    My hubby says all babies look the same or are ugly! However, he says his baby will be a cutie even if it has all our worst features image

    I look at the photos of me when i was a baby with a double chin. Probably the least cutest out of me and my siblings lol. I will just remember to only show people the cute photos if thats the case lol!
  • I am so glad you posted this! I am forever seeing ugly babies and kids and thinking how can their parents not see it. My ohs mums a childminder and 2 of the kids are weird looking with huge heads like "Hey Arnold!". If anyone remembers that CITV show! Hehehe!

    My oh sometimes says god I hope our kid doesn't look like that. And I feel really bad, like if I don't have a beautiful child, I will have failed him...I sound so selfish and pathetic I know. But it's a real fear as the birth gets closer. He was so gorgeous at my 4D scan mind you with his little button nose.

    Please tell me someone else feels this way?! xxxx

  • "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"...

    I could never imagine calling a baby, especially someone elses baby 'ugly'... maybe its just me, but i think it sounds a bit harsh and cruel.

    Just like another saying 'If you have nothing good to say don't say anything"... ?!

    I'm sure you'll think you're baby is the most precious, gorgeous thing ever... doesn't every parent think that?!
  • no I'm sure yours will be lovely!

    my DS1 came out looking like a little old man - he had lots dark hair and little sideburns - still a cutie though - DS1 looks like me and my 2nd on his scan you could tell he was his daddy's son by his profile (big nose) LOL!

    This one pg3 is a little girlie and profile looks bit softer. Not sure what she'll look like though probably her dad knowing my luck. LOL~!

  • just had to say not that I look like a little old man and have sideburns LOL! i.e DS1 looks like me. I'm so dizzy blame these pg hormones - hubby used to think I was dizzy but it gets worse. LOL

  • Boo???????WantsBaby : The reason for me posting this was to find out if anyone else had this fear.It wasn't attacking or discriminating against anybody or their child. And no not every parent thinks their baby is pretty or gorgeous.This is why I raised this issue in fear that I might disregard my child like some have done.Including my mum. With my brother.

    As for other peoples children. I'm sure they are themost beautiful thing ever. And I might kid might be ugly to other parents. But to me my child will be beautiful.

    I want people to give their farest and most honest comments otherwise I would not have asked the question. We are merely here to discuss our fears and concerns and if we cant speak to each other about it then who can we talk to.

    And I'm sure none of us would dream of saying to someone their baby is ugly. I would never anyway....I think these ladies have enough on their minds to have to protect what they say. And defend themselves. No need to stress over what other people might think of them cause of their own personal fears.


  • I suppose it does sound a bit mean to admit to that but it's one of those 'Everyones thinking it I'm just saying it' kinda things! I'm sure a lot of people relate to Tashs thread tbh! It feels better talking to strangers about your concerns sometimes as they don't know you and don't judge....

    I would never dream of telling someone their child was "ugly" btw. EVER! But we all must have thought it! I will love my child whatever he looks like but I must admit I worry that I will have let my oh down. It's weird, the things you worry about when pregnant. xxxxx

  • tashy, i totally understand where you are coming from.

    Im not the sort of person like you said to tell somebody that their baby is not very attractive, just like i wouldnt tell a friend or a stranger that I didnt find them attractive too. However, Im sure everyone of us has seen a photo or image of somebody and said 'there not exactly attractive'

    Boo???????WantsBaby , i believe tashy wants to show off her baby wants its born but is also worried that it might not be overly attractive. A concern many parents have, this can be seen by replies to this post.

    Tashy, am i guessing this is your first? After carrying it around for 9 months im sure one of the first words you will use to describe your bay will be gorgeous! It would be interesting to ask you this same question soon after you give birth all being well lol image xxx
  • Tashy know what you mean! We had this conversation at work the other day. We have this gut that comes in and he will be in his 30's with wiry hair and always has shell suit bottoms on pulled right up like simon cowel and has snot dripping from his nose! Yuk and I said to my work mate....good who ends up with kids like that? I hope we don't! I know its cruel but sometimes you just look at people and wonder. By the way with regards to ugly babies my mum told me I was as I had no hair or teeth till I was 1!
    Tammi xxx
    28.3 weeks
  • LOL - my sister had no hair until she was 2! my mum&dad used to call her "Becky baldy".

    my 1st came out like a pokey lil elf and we still call him that now even though his features have changed alot. - i think my boys r gorgeous even if other people dont.

    Even if people think ur child is ugly - u wont - especially after all them ours of pain, sweat and tears!! trust me!

  • My friend had a child a little girl and when i went into see her she laughed and said 'isin't she ugly!' it was funny because the child simply was - battered and bruised face after the birth - all swollen and a bit purple looking! with squashed facial feateatures and a funny shaped head!

    Of course the baby didn't stay looking like that and she IS beautiful but this was my friends third so she was fairly blasee (sp) and knew what to expect! I'm sure we don't look a picture right afterwards lol

    and really you get both attractive and unattractive people thats just life!

    Of course I'll think my baby is beautiful but thats love for you! x
  • I keep teasing hubby that our baby (we know she's a girl) will be ugly because she's got his features (larger than average nose & slightly sticking out ears), which I know is cruel but it's funny too!
    I look at photos now of my first daughter (she's 14) when she was a newborn & she looks really ugly (puffy, squashed, bruised face from just being born), but like someone else said she didn't stay like that & is gorgeous now (been accepted by a modelling agency). Funny thing is, straight after I had her I thought she was the most beautiful thing in the world, was totally overcome with love for her - must have been my hormones!!!!!!
  • Ladies

    Seriously though..... My mum had a huge problem with my brother. My nan had to have a strong word with her. She refused to touch my brother. Of course my brother is a hunk now. And my mum says its quite common to sometimes think your baby is ugly. Has this got part to do with post natal depression. I used to laugh at myself and tell myself off for thinking hope my baby dont look like that.

    But what happens if my baby is something I look at and I say eeewwww!!! Something tells me I will not stop loving her though. Of course and after time you start thinking. Shut up. This is your own child. Pull yourself together.

    I guess it's just fears of not being the perfect mother. Which I know I wont be. No one is.


  • Heheh, I sometimes do think to myself that some babies are far from being on the pretty side, but never tell that to anyone!

    But I also have a funny story - my cousin gave birth about a year ago, cute little girl (but as everybody knows not so cute straight after birth). So my cousins little sister (8 years old at the time) looked at the baby and said - "I dont think I will want babies when I grow up." hahahaah Everyone stood there laughing :P

    But I bet all our babies will be just gorgeous and we ll love them tons!

    Besides moms are funny people as well, my mom often says I have a small head and too big boobies ... but I know she s just jealous I HAVE boobies, as she has none :P (we three kids ate them out hahahahah)
  • I think it is something to do with postnatal depression if you generally "don't like" your baby, rather than just joking about him/her having a squashed face!

    I have been warned about babies looking ugly when they first come out. I never knew they got squashed! I was a c-section baby and was gorgeous. My sister on the other hand was bald and had a huge head, my mum had to have another section cos of how huge the head was hahaha. Can you tell my sister is round and is annoying me?! xxxxxxx

  • Ha ha ha ha... Thats funny. yeah I was looking at some newborns. And I must admit I got really scared of what I saw.

    But I guess I will let you know when she arrives next month. You better report back Tiger lily, not long for you now...... How exciting is this!!!!!
  • My niece was butt ugly, even my sis agreed! she got stuck for a long time so her head was all squished, which wasn't helped by the fact she got stuck coz she was so fat any way LOL. All the mw's came to see the big baby with the broken arm and squashed head LOL!!
  • my mum told me that when she was born, my nan thought that she was so ugly she put a blacket over her and covered her up. then my auntie (family friend not auntie lol) visited and said oh she can't be that bad, looked at my mum and then covered her back up lol. ooh and my nan left her in the pram outside the post office for an hour before remembering her. think postnatal depression was defo an issue there lol. my mum is beautiful though so there. *blushes at soppiness* lol

    sorry im a bit of a goober at the mo, dead soppy lol forgot what the whole point of this post was. sorry lol xxxx
  • Hi Tashy

    Cheers for this post. Your just saying what we have all thought at some point. Lets face it, if all babies were cute there would be no ugly adults....Me and my OH have jokingly had this conversation and he also spots other babies and says I hope ours doesnt turn out that bad. Where as I tend to hone in on the noisey little terrors with the same thought, I dont want one of those. My sisters little boy was early and came out with dark hair all down his back arms and ears, he looked like a mini wearwolf, believe me it was alot of hair (Hes quite cute now though). God did we laugh, as her first response was thats not mine.

    Its perfectly normal to worry about these things, we all do it. God if we cant have unrational thoughts during a hormone filled pregnancy when can we..
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