Beats per minute at 28 week midwife appt


Just wondered what if you had the baby`s heart beat measured around 28 weeks and if so what it was measuring?

Mine measured 124bpm recently, to me that seems a bit low but when i questionned the midwife she said it was spot on as normal is between 110 and 160 bpm. She also said he was about to move so it would have gone up if she`d kept it on longer (not sure how she knew that??!)

He had been quiet before and when she measured the heart beat, i imagine if he`d been kicking about a lot it would have been higher.

I know it is within normal range but it just made me a bit nervous. At the 12 week scan it was 155 bpm!!
I also know if she wasnt worried then i shouldnt be but thats me!

Any info greatly appreciated
Katy 28 weeks x


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