how early did you see dr after bfp?

Hi i got BFP yesterday and going to see dr tomorrow, hoping to get early scan as had mmc in april and really nervous this time.

anyone else go to drs early or get scanned early? i will only be 4 wks tomorrow.

thanks becs xx


  • Not pg so not sure but NHS Direct says you can go doctors from 8 days after conception. This is becasue you cant get bfp on HPT so early. If you can go before bfp im sure you are fine to go now
  • I went to the docs the same day I got a positive result. She just said congrats and told me to make an appointment with the midwife.
  • Hi

    I went on Monday.I got my bfp last Tuesday. Got my booking in appointment with the midwife in 3 weeks. Doctor thinks I could be having twins cos I got my bfp 4 days before af was due(with my 2 other pregnancies didnt get bfp till I was 2 weeks late) plus I am really showing already. So I am hoping to be scanned at 9 weeks.

    Kerry xxx
  • I booked an appointment with my GP asap but I had a 2 week wait. Eventually the appt was moved forward because I had been bleeding for a while and I was getting worried. She wanted to see me again a week later to check the bleeding had stopped or do some tests but I ended up in hospital (long story) instead. All fine but saw her again once discharged and all I needed to do was make an appointment with the midwife. Going tomorrow and I'll be 10 weeks.

    They never seem in much of a rush, probably because women find out they're pregnant so early now! Also, I had a couple of scans when in hospital and it's really hard to make anything out when it's so early (I was about 6 weeks at the time). Obviously they may be keen to do early scans with a history of miscarriage but not sure they'll see something at four weeks.

    They'll sort you out tomorrow though and offer you whatever is necessary.

    Good luck! Sonia
  • Hi Becs,
    I got a scan early, but at 12 weeks they thought that was EARLY, but if you have had complications in the past, they may wanna see ya, although, I thought that they made you wait that long so you can see the baby???

    H x
  • Hi Becs. I went to the doctors 3 days after BFP. She jus asked a few questions and gave me a form to fill out and take to the midwife. Now gotta phone midwife.
  • Hi Becs. I went to the doctors 3 days after BFP. She jus asked a few questions and gave me a form to fill out and take to the midwife. Now gotta phone midwife.
  • thanks for the replies.
    just wish the 12 wks wait was over with!
    twins kerry that must be nerve racking but double the fun!

    lots of love becs xx
  • hi i live in n ireland and we get a dating scan at 12 wks, sometimes they also send you for an internal scan if you have had problems before. so will find all out tomorrow.
    love becs xx
  • I was too busy to get in at the doctors. I found out I was pregnant wen I was 4weeks and dint even see GP till 6weeks. Im 8+3 now and have booking in appt with MW nxt friday will be 9+5 which I think is pretty avaerage. I dnt really think it matters wen u c gp or MW each to their own. Kerry x
  • Becs,

    I am soooooooooooo pleased for you - that's brilliant news! When I saw my doc (pretty much bang on 4 weeks too) she did a blood test as well to check my hcg levels. I then went back and had them checked the following week to see if they were increasing at the right rate. As you can imagine, I too was pretty terrified in those first few weeks.

    I called my pregnancy support unit directly and because of previous mc they were perfectly happy to get me an early scan although they dont do them before 8 weeks here - but other places do them at 6 weeks i think.

    I found getting the blood tests helped reassure me while i waited for my scan.

    anyway, gotta get started at work, let me know how you get on at docs.

    gr x
  • Hi becs

    Im from the ttc forum just thought id pop on and wish you luck for today.

    Jen xx
  • i got my bfp on a sat and went 2 docs the following tuesday! i was 6 weeks then!
  • hi went to drs today she was great very reasuring. got midwife appointment 18th dec and will contact dr again for early scan around 8 weeks. thanks for all your messages becs xxx
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