Does anyone know what this is!?!?

Hello everyone! Just a quick question because I'm baffled and it's driving me MAD!!! Im 37+5 and for the last couple of days, the top of my bump has felt tender, almost half numb and kind of burns. There are no marks or anything else. My ribs are killing me slowly! Does anyone know what it is or have you had it?

Hope you can help! I just wish my baby would come out! I am so excited!

Lucy x


  • hi sorry i cant help as i havent had this but just thought since no-one had replied i would! its a bit strange i think around this time baby should have moved down easing the pressure on your ribs, breathing etc.

    all i can say is maybe you should ask your mwife. i dont remember havig anything like that last time and im only 26wks just now.

    sorry i cant be more help
  • I've had this a few times, looked it up in one of my (many) books - think it's what's described as "hot spots" where small areas of your uterus and abdomen are stretching (eg as baby's elbow or knee pushes out). I found that rubbing the area helped, and it's always gone away. And I haven't had this since baby's moved down further.
    But if you're concerned ask your midwife.
    Niki 39+3
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