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Hi All,

Hope you and bumps are all well.

Even though this is my 3rd pg, it has been 6 years since I eas last pg, and my mind has gone blank.

I am now 33 weeks and since last night I have had alot of pressure in my lady bits and my back passagr(sorry if tmi). Also been getting really strong braxton hicks. I also lost part of my muccus plug last week and baby has been head down since 26 weeks.

Has anyine else experianced this kind of pressure?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Kerry xxxx

Hi All,

Just got home. Been in hospital was getting contractions(really strong and pain full) for ages then they stopped. Have had one lot of steroids and have to go back tomorrow morning for second shot. Bbay is deeply engaged. Just hope she stays in for a few more weeks yet.

Why do so many of the July babies want to make an early apperance?

Kerry xxx

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  • Sounds to me like ur baby is engaging its head into the pelvis, ooo how exciting, i wish my baby wud engage and not just bob around the top. I was getting a pressure in my lady bit and along my pelvis especially wen standing or walkin so i got all exciting thinking that baby was engaging then mw said "er no", lol. However the fact that ur feeling it in ur back passage and have had abit of a show wud say to me that baby is well and truely engaging. When do u next see ur mw to check? Kerry xxx

  • Just spoken to her, she is gp surgery today. Seeing her at 4.

    The contractions are really strong now. Pain in my bump and my back. There coming every 6 to 8 mins and lasting a little over a minute
  • Oh gosh, hope everything goes okay and things slow down for u, wat is it with these July babies not wanting to wait? I can see im gona be the only July Mummy who is still gona be pregnant come July, lol. Gud luck Kerry let us know how u get on. Kerry xxx

  • Dont worry Kerry i will still be here till July, Stokes911 hope they stop it for you, you obviously have an impatient baby too!

  • I'll still be a July Mummy Kerry! It is odd that lots of these July babies keeping trying to make an early appearance!

    Hope you are ok Kerry (Stoakes!)
  • Glad all seems to be settling down Kerry, hope ur lo stays put for a few more weeks, i wudnt mind some of u eager july mummies letting me in on ur secret tho, other than some braxton hicks my lo doesnt seem to be in any sort of hurry, lol. Gud luck anyway keep us posted. Kerry xxx

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