couldnt believe my oh!!

How cheeky is this!
Yesterday i went into proper cleaning mode. I got up first thing and absolutely gutted my house. Did every last bit of washing, inc all the bedding ect, went food shopping, visited my midwife, looked after my 21 month old all day, bathed him, cooked tea, cleaned up afterwards and all the things you do in between. Then at night we went up to my in laws, where i cleaned both our cars and then just as we arrived back home my oh said to me "the car could do with a good polish inside when you get time" I swear i'd have swung for him if i could reach! I couldnt believe him, like i hadn't done enough! so i got out of the car in a right mood ranting "oh sorry do you not think i do enough, told him everything i'd done during the day and the fact that i was constantly running around after our son and am only weeks away from giving birth" think he felt a bit guilty at this point lol serves him right the cheeky git!


  • well done you for not letting him get away with that!!! my hubby is similar, spend all day cleaning, taking 5 yr old to and from school, i have done most of the nursery etc etc and all he can say is "did you wash my work stuff?" or "you shouldn't do so much" - i wouldn't mind but no other bugger is gonna do it all (he certainy doesn't do anything) i ask him who he thinks is going to do everything - the cleaning fairies?!?!? grrrrrrrr to men........

    15 days to go xxxx
  • Cheeky sod! Tell him to stick a broom up your wotnames while he's at it.

    If he had done everything you had yesterday, he would still be at it a week from today!

    4 days to go
  • I've used the cleaning faries one a few time aswell lol He's definately felt guilty today about it cause he's now in the garden re flagging our back garden (which i've been asking for ages) and he only finished work at 12 bless him x
  • lol cheeky git! Tell him to do it himself and he can do yours while he's at it!
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