i cant believe this!!

well at my 34 wk appointment baby was oblique, so ive been lying on my left side to try and move her across. neway i sort of thought she had moved and was going down beacuse ive become quite unconfortable, and when i had my 36 wk appointment she confirmed by belief was true!! which is great.....but......she told me shes in a posterior position :cry: :cry:
my son was posterior and even tho i was able to give birth to him naturally and he turned at the very last min, it was still painfull!! ive been so good with my posture this time aswell i must just have bad luck or mabey its just how baby is comfortable inside me hehe.
neway was just wondering wether anyones had more than 1 back to back birth and if so was the second any easier??
(i doubt i'll be able to move her now with exercises because shes started to engage)
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