what should i do?help?

I am 6 weeks and have been up since 5.30 with really really bad stomach pains. I know there wont be any dr app left for tday,what should i do?

Jstar x


  • Hiya hun, what do your pains feel like? Are they on one side or feel a bit like AF pains? Stretching pains are perfectly normal, however if you're not sure and need reassurance then ring the dr, i'm sure if you explain they can squeeze you in.
  • If it is an emergency a doctor will have to give you an appointment today, I think there is a code of practice that they have to comply with now but dont quote me on that. You will just have to say that if you dont get an appointment today you will complain. I hope you feel better soon
  • id ring your local hospital and see if they have a epau which u can usually go to in early pregnancy.Tell them the situation and hopefully someone will see u 2 c if all is ok xxx
  • Seen my nurse who got me an app at my early pregnancy unit for tommorow,she didnt really give me much reassurance. My pains are the exact same as bad period pains,im worried because i have had them for hours now.

    Jstar x
  • Those period type pains are completely normal. Some days I had really bad pains, others days didnt hurt as much. They occurred every day until around 15 weeks then tailed off a bit. I still get them from time to time now and Im over 24 weeks. its just everything stretching. Dont worry


  • thank you for the reassuring advice, i wish the nurse would have made me feel like this,she just made an app for epu, do you think she should have done this?

  • Hey Jstar
    I had awful period pains in the begining, I also started bleeding at 6 weeks so it was very scary, but my gp refered me to EPU for a scan and all was fine dont even know what caused it! I think its good that they made an appiontment for you if anything it will put your mind at rest and your get to see your small bean early!!

    Good luck

    Jennie 33+5
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