what age would you keep your child in a buggy until?

hi i ask because i see quite a lot of the prams/buggies say suitable until age 4. do 4 year olds really go in a buggy?

my 3 year old mostly walks now, and we recently got rid of her buggy (as it was worn anyway and wouldnt have done for the new baby), but tonight i was nipping to the bank and as she is tired at this time, and cause of the bad weather and just cause its quicker and easier, i put her in the new babys buggy (well its a travel system, but the buggy part)...but now i have realised how simple it would be if she went in a buggy more often...i miss being able to get places quick and just get my shopping done without chasing her around etc (well shes actually quite good at walking beside me, holding hands etc but it is just simpler)

so what i want to know is does anyones 3 or 4 year old still go in a buggy?

obviously once the baby comes she will need to walk or use buggy board but for now it would be a lot simpler...she is quite tall and people tend to think she is 4 anyeway which is another concern....i worry too much that people will be staring cause she big in buggy.


  • hello, just wanted to say my 3 year old still has his buggy he to looks big for his age it doesnt matter to me what people think as long as he is comfy and has the choice to walk!!!
  • hi thanks everyone, i did used to use a wrist strap with her, but stopped using it so she could learn she had to hold hand, stop at kerbs etc, and this is also another reason we no longer used her buggy...

    she definitely prefers walking anyway, and knows she was just having a wee shot of the babys buggy so it will be fine. thanks.
  • my daughters pushchair broke just after her 3rd birthday so she stopped going in one from then on, when she was 2 she used to walk almost everywhere but i used to take the pushchair out incase she got tiard. or wanted a nap.


  • According to my mum, my sister went in a buggy until she started school! She was a lazy bugger apparently and wouldn't walk anywhere. Hehe.

    My oh's mum is a childminder and one of the lo's who is 3 walks on her own but the other one who is nearly 3 goes in the pushchair. No-one really looks though as he is so tiny as he was prem. I think it depends on the child!

  • Hi my daughter was out of her buggy by 2 1/2-3 yr old because she said she was a big girl and wanted to walk. So i just put it away in the cupboard and after she got used to walking everywhere and getting tired she wanted to go in her buggy so i let her and she was in and out of it until she was 4 and started school nursery.I didnt force her in it or out of it just let her decide.
    vikki xx
  • my daughter (now 4) was walking a lot from 2, when my son was born, but if we are walking into town, or anywhere further I take the double buggy. But have told her she's gonna have to learn to walk further when the new baby is here (we will have a sling if needs be), but then I don't like using the bus and we don't drive.
  • i see alot of parents dragging lil ones around they struggle to keep up which i think is unfair if you can't slow to your childs pace then put them in a buggy and be faster than letting them learn to use their legs! its disgraceful that parents forget how little their childrens legs are and basically have to try and run to keep up or get told off for falling over! sorry need the rant my mate has a buggy there if the 3yr old gets tieed or needs a rest but it also makes for a great shopping trolley hahaha
  • Hi there CrochetMom, i agree with u there my eldest was still using buggy at 3yr old when i ad my youngest, she used it till bout 4, and if i am walking bk from town now n youngest at 2 wants to walk she jumps in n rests her legs (shes now 5) and vice verser, i dont mind rather av 2 happy and restedkids than mardy tired ones!!:\)
  • ive never been in the situation myself as my LO's only 2months. but i despise seeing "older" looking babies in buggies, it irritates me loads because it's obvious that they can walk and it just seems like pure laziness to put them in a buggy when they should be learning to walk places and behave properly when out and about in public. perhaps i'll change my mind when evie gets older though!!
  • I went through the 'terrible' 2's stadge and happened not to take a pushchair with me, and i can safley say that having a 2yr old throwing their selves on floor because they r tired and legs ache that i would take a pushchair with me even when i ad my other its not up to wot everyone thinks if my eldest wants to sit down in an empty pushchair then so b it, i dont really care wot anybody thinks their my kids and i can do as i pls. sorry bout the rant:x
  • I think people should think before they speak about older kids in a buggie (not you LinziMc, I'm sure you'll change you mind when you get there LOL)

    I was in town about 6months ago and some guy commented on Amber being in the double buggie, didn't she know what her legs were for? I went mad, told him that if he'd like to walk the 3miles home with us and carry her when she was tired, (we walked i and around for a couple of hours) then he was quite welcome to comment, if not, could he please mind his own business!!! He's like, sorry, I didn't know. Well don't say anything then!!!

    Sorry, rant over!
  • Hey folks as I have said in other posts don't react to granyvera....

    boring flamer we just need to let web ed know

  • wot the bloody hell u on bout grannyvera, like i said earlier it aint up to nobody else only the parents...
  • Granvera, if you really want to spend time writing comments at least make sure people can understand them - I'm all for shortening words etc. but you really are writing like an 11 year old sending text messages - we all need to read your messages 5 times before making out half a sentence - I think you are on the wrong website or at least I hope you are -surely no mother would actually write like this - CBeebies would suit you better...you can use lots of numbers on that site !!!!!
  • call me a lazey mother? bring it on.....
  • Hi ladies, just gatecrashing from the baby forum, my two youngest are 9 months and 3 years, the 3 year old still goes in the buggy because i have to walk everywhere as i dont drive, she does get out and walk but when she is tired the buggy is there for her to sit in, it is much easier than having to listen to her cry because she is tired or her having to try and run if we are in a hurry (like on the school run for the older ones) I dont think that makes me a lazy mum as grannyvera has said but as grannyvera cant spell its obvious that he/she is a silly little child with not much if any life experience whos words will come back to haunt him/her if they ever do have a child.
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