baby moving but not as much

is this normal at 39 weeks it is worrieing me as i'm used to feeling him/her lots


  • Hey with my first I didnt feel many movements at all around this time & I was constantly in on the monitor, in the end I ended up getting induced at 40+5 due to movements.

    I am now expecting my second as yet I havent felt her move I am 19+6 today, hoping the same doesnt happen this time.

    Don't want to worry you, but maybe have a word with your Midwife, I know at this stage baby doesnt have a lot of space to move around but you should still be feeling some movements.

  • have a word with you mw if worried, but it's normal for there to be less movement because of how cramped it is in there. My two hardly moved in the last couple of weeks and all was fine.

  • i do still feel some movement but not lots i got mw today so i will mention it to her was having lots of bh yestarday and what i think was a bit of a show ill get her to check me out thankyou
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