Hi all,
Just to share I just had my 1st experience of baby having hiccups! What a weird feeling!

Was sitting here thinking about doing the ironing and having these jumpy feelings which I hadnt felt before then realised it must be hiccups!

The only thing is baby must be really far down as these jumps were more in my pelvis than belly! I also have bad heartburn so could be connected?


  • Mine gets the hiccups alot!! The highest count so far is 6 times in one day!! I don't get heartburn (so far!!) so mine's not connected with that. My friend told me that it is the head you feel hitting you so hopefully the head is in the right place if you're feeling them down low!

  • I saw the Dr last week and she said head is really far down so makes sense!

    Cant believe how exited I am about bean having hiccups!
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