I have just been looking at what food is rich in folic acid as I read that you should consume plenty in your diet as well as take the supplements.

It broke it into categories and the meat rich in folic acid is...

chicken giblets
egg yolk

Yuk yuk yuk! I don't eat any of those!

Fruit and Vegetables have to be consumed raw and its contained in....

brussel sprouts
sweet potato

Seriously who eats those raw???

I think I'll stick to pregnacare! :lol:

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  • How about having raw spinach in salad?

    Also, you could steam the green veg in your list - next best thing to raw!
  • oh i thought you shouldn't eat liver!! if i were you i'd stick with pregnacare!!lol
    i ate loads of cereals fortified with folic acid but also continued with the suppliments till 12 weeks!!xxcarlyxx
  • hahaha

    spinach is also good for folic acid, and i shld imagine as long as those vegetables aren't over cooked it shldn't cook out all the goodness. most cereals are also fortified with folic acid.

    but i see u mention liver, u'll be pleased to know us preggers ladies are supposed to avoid liver like the plague as it is high in vitamin A which can be harmful in high doses.

    incidently tho i do think raw cabbage is quite nice lol.

    also, once u've been and seen ur GP to confirm ur pregnancy and get referred to a midwife he?she will usually give u a prescription for folic acid tablets anyway... and .once u get ur maternity exemption certificate u will be entitled to free nhs prescriptions so therefore u can get the folic acid for free.

  • Yeah dont have the liver as its got to much vitamin A I think and it bad for baby
  • lol il def be sticking to folic acid tabs x
  • I love spinach leafs in salads, just ate half a bag of rocket, not sure if its high in folic acid but I love it lol!

    I wouldn't eat liver if you paid me anyway so thats not a concern for me!

    I steam all my veg , I knew it was better but it said that cooking destroys folic acid, did it just mean boiling it into oblivian??
  • i think it means when u really overcook veg, as otherwisse surely it wld also cook out all the other vitamins and goodness so there wld be no point in eating cooked veg at all.
    but i do strongly believe that there cannot be a point to eating brussel sprouts other than for sadistic pleasure and smelly bums lol.

  • Oooh I LOVE brussels!! Personally I think peppers and bananas are the food of the devil!
  • Would it be really wrong to admit i love xmas dinners, purely for the brussel sprouts!!!

    Cat xxx
  • bleurgh!!!

    altho peppers are scrummy buti have to be in the right mood for a nana. xx
  • whoops double post xx

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