Labour Induced Miscarriage - A BIG Thank you...

A huge huge thank you to you all for writing such lovely posts...

I have to say I went to bed last night feeling a little guilty for writing such a long account of what has happened over the past week - but as I said in my first post - it was incredibly cathartic writing it... almost felt like I could deal with it all a little better as now I have written it as it was... does that make sense..!

I am so sorry that I made so many of you cry - and I know it really isn't the type of thing you want to read when you are pregnant - - but I almost felt compelled to tell... as I had no idea in the world that I would have a miscarriage... I had done everything 'right'... I am healthy and fit... I wanted my little Charlie so badly... yet it happened... to me... it seemed so unfair at the time and still does - - but in a way it was a hard lesson learnt... Horrible things happen to people everyday of our lives and we are unaware of them - - we hear it on the news about another terrible tragidy and we sort of take it in and then move on... well this has made me realise that you can't just shelve it and move on you have to take time out and be a bit more compassionate to everyone... including ourselves.. we are always so busy being busy and forgetting the smaller things in life...

I am know being more compassionate to spiders... which I think is taking it a bit too far...!!!

Thank you all again and I wish you all the luck for all of your pregancies... and I shall be back on this board very soon...!! as a pregnant girl again...



  • Don't wory about making us cry. This is a caring sharing website, and if writing about it helped, thats the only thing that matters. x
  • That's OK, we are all here if you need some support and I think you did the right thing sharing your story. No doubt you feel better, and I felt that bit more thankful for my pregnancy as I'm sure all the other mums to be did too. I only wish it could be you as well.

    You sound like you are being so brave, and I wish you all the best x x x
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