What Nappy Brand do you recommend or are going to use?

Hello Ladies

Well it has been along time since I have had to buy nappies and I was wondering if people could recommend a brand that they think are good as want to get a bit of a supply in before the birth especially when the offers are on and grab a bargain.

With my other 2 children I used Pampers religiously, but that was 14 and 11 years ago and things have come along way since then, especially with own brands.

I have brought 2 packs of Huggies newborn, but only because I had vouchers for them. Are they any good? Which brands should be avoided?

What do you recommend? Thanks Nicki


  • Personally I am a pampers girl. BUT it depends on the shape of your baby (some nappies fit chubby babies better, while others are better on tall thin ones) and whether you are going to breast or bottle feed (as this effects the consistency of the poo! - lovely!)

    Basically, what works really well for one baby, may leak with another, so it probably better if you hold off buying in bulk until after they are born! (I have got some huggies, some pampers and some tesco's own brand - and i'll decide which one works best at the time).

    Also - you wont know which size to get until you meet your little one, because you wont know how much s/he will weigh.
  • I was also wondering this.....so is it recommended to buy afew different types and try them all out then? x
  • hmm....Not too sure NewMrsB. As with alot things I buy, I usually go on recommendations from friends, but i guess it is true that what works for one, will not work for another?

    Alot of people have told me that Sainsbury's and tesco's own brand is good also, as they found pampers and huggies were good for newborn, but leaked as they got older? Nicki
  • i like tesco's own for new born and also asdas little angels. dont like pampers.
  • Personally i think pampers are crap! my LO always woke up in the night wet threw, i had to change the bedding and everything, so i tried huggies and i found they were great, they held the wet in and never leaked so thumbs up for huggies and i am certainly going to use them with my 2nd xx
  • personally as this is my first and all babies are different shapes and sizes i think its impossible to tell what will suit us best, so i have bought a couple of packs of asda,tesco, pampers and huggies so will see which we get on best with before bulk buying one brand.

    xx 36+3
  • have been using pampers with my dd and so far they are brilliant, no leakages and her botty is lovely and soft and no nappy rash in sight!


  • I used Pampers and Huggies at first and found them fine, BUT Pampers do smell quite strange - very chemically - I switched to Tesco own and they are fantastic. Rhianna is 15 months and they are the only ones we use. I can count on one hand the number of leaks we've had, and they are fantastic value.....BUT every baby and Mummy are different, try a few and see what you get on best with! xx
  • It's our first so going to try a few different brands especially as have vouchers for lots...am hoping to move to reusable once I've got the hang of everything!
  • I never thought I'd be so excited about buying nappies !!! image
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