I know people post on here quite regularly about names, but I'm due in 6 days (yeah!!!!) and its getting to crunch time! I just wondered what folk think of the names we have in mind so far?


We were thinking about using the name Marie as a middle name. It's my first name and we used hubbies name as our sons middle name, so thought we might do the same again this time. Also it seems to follow the names we have in mind quite nicely.


  • i love sophie or sophia and isobel, all are nice with marie. worth having a couple of names in case you change your mind when look at her.
    Filo x
  • hi i love all the names
    i've got a while to go yet but we've picked names
    Evie Joan = for a girl
    Lucus Aiden= for a boy
    can't wait for 20 week scan in 6 weeks to find out the sex!!:\)
  • Hi lov i think eva,lucy and sophie go best with middle name marie out of them all my preference if were choosing would be eva such a pretty name good luck choosing!
  • i like the name Eva it was in our top 15 girls names before we found out we were having a boy x
  • they are lovely names, esp Sophie and Charlotte. We named our little dog Sophie 2 yrs ago as we liked the name so much (then realised now we can't use it for a child's name, doh!)and best friend who's pg has already bagged Charlotte, lol! We love Isobel for a middle name if we have a girl, definitely like the "o" spelling rather than with an "a".

    6 days, how exciting!! - best of luck for the birth.

  • I love Claudia! Charlotte is a pretty name, but rather common, so I would go with Claudia!

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  • absolutely LOVE Isobel. i love the sound and the spelling!!!!
  • hi just thought i would say that my sister is called claudine marie!! very similar to your claudia marie!!
  • hi there all pretty names , were struggling for a girls name if its a girl , i really like isobel my friends daughter is called freya isobel which i love but i cant call my baby that now lol , i love lucy i like it spelt lucie too a bit different . sophie marie is lovely and i like sophia too , my little sis is called donna marie x x x
  • i like claudia and it is not as popular as the others so less in the school!
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